Dean’s message
  The spirit of teaching continues and the torch of knowledge is passed down by generations. From the idea “training engineer personnel with the method of training scientists” of the Mixed Class in 1984 to today’s “training outstanding talents in an all-round way, the Chu kochen college undertakes the extraordinary mission as the “Dream team” and “pioneer”, carries on the spirit of college motto  “aiming high and pursuing excellence”, and is committed to cultivating top-notch innovative talents with superb “knowledge, ability, quality and personality” , which has become a gold lettered signboard for talent education implemented by Zhejiang University, painting a shining group of images.  Currently, the world today is marked by changes unseen in a century, as the overall situation of great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese people and the new development paradigm are continuing converging and evolving. Meanwhile, a new round of scientific and technological evolution, industrial revolution and education revolution are accelerating the development, while the realization of dialectical unity of innovation is speeding up at the global frontier, national strategy and regional objectives. In the contemporary background, cultivating top-notch innovative talents who boast with core competitiveness has been an irresistible general trend and development consensus.  Looking forward to the future, the Chu Kochen Honors College will hopefully continue to take the lead and boldly set an example. It’ll optimize the function as a test field of educational reform for undergraduate, stick to its leadership in innovation, reinforce cross- discipline cultivation, and spare no effort to train masses of excellent leaders for the future society and generation. The Chu Kochen Honors College will persistently endeavor to build a world-class honored academy in the front rank.  In the prosperous age, we should live up to the prosperous age; shouldering the glory, we should be worthy of the glory. It’s hoped that every member of Chu Kochen Honers College will keep “The Top Priorities of the Country”in mind,have great ambitions, establish a good morality, become a talent, assume great responsibilities, and strive to become a new personality of the era who have the ability to undertake the important task of national rejuvenation. Make new and greater contributions to the second centenary goal of building a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way.
  • Chu Kochen Honors College (CKC) is the honor college where distinguished undergraduates are provided with “customized cultivation” and “elite education” in Zhajiang University. It was initially established as Mixed Class in 1984. Prof. Wu Zhaohui, President of Zhejiang University,  is one of the first Mix Class graduates and he is now also  Dean of Chu Kochen Honors College.For the purpose of giving potential talents a solid foundation in future development, Chu Kochen Honors College adopts a training mode of combining deep founded and wide-caliber general education with personalized, independent professional development. The college is dedicated to nurturing high-caliber innovators and future leaders; and to encourage interdisciplinary and creative research.Students at Chu Kochen Honors College are selected from Topstudents of Zhejiang University. CKC students’ majors cover more than 80 disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, agriculture, medicine and social science, etc.