On November 27th, ZJU won two gold medals in the China Collegiate Programming ContestGirls Only , and Team Duckforces got the Second Place. The Duckforces comprises three Sophomores Zhang Zhixing (Computer Science and Technology) and Lou Qinpei(Mechanical Engineering) both from mixed class of Chu Kouchen College, and Guo Yimin(Software Engineering) from College of Computer Science and Technology. Professor Wang Can coached the team. Because of the distinguished grade in the previous contest, the team got the ticket to the final of CCPC.

The final rank list. Teams of ZJU ranked 2nd and 14threspectively.

256 qualified teams participated in the competition, including many excellent teams such as Tsinghua University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Fudan University, etc. Our university sent two teams, Duckforces and qwertyuoip, both of which won gold medals.

The game officially started at 9:00 am. At the beginning of the game, the Duckforces team proceeded slowly due to unreasonable order of solving the questions. After an hour of competition, the team only passed 3 simple check-in questions and was ranked 6th. The competition among school teams was very fierce. After that, Qinji Lou optimized method of the question I and fixed the code error, and Zhixin Zhang used the spare time to work out G. After discussing the solution to question H with Yiming Guo, Qinji Lou worked out the question quickly and passed 3 questions in a row within 30 minutes, which made the team rank first and the three team members gradually get into the state. Soon after, Guo Yiming and Zhang Zhixin successfully passed question F after discussion and attempt, and became the first team in the whole field to pass the question. By this time, half of the competition had passed and the team was in the top position with the advantage of the number of questions. Qinji Lou came up with a solution to question J and started to write it on the computer, while Zhixin Zhang and Yiming Guo read through the remaining questions that they hadn’t passed and came up with solutions for B, K and L. After the team successfully passed question J, Zhixin Zhang passed questions K and L consecutively. Unfortunately, the team was not able to solve question B at the end because there was no more time left. The team from Tsinghua University, passed 3 questions in a row in the last hour, surpassing Duckforces, which finally won second place with 10 questions.

Group photo of Duckforces, from left to right are Zhang, Lou and Guo

Before the competiton, Team Duckforces had been training hard , combining individual training with team training and well prepared for the coming competition.After the contest, Zhang Zhixin, the team leader said ,“It has been the best result since the Duckforces set up, and we lived up to the hard training this two years. In this contest, everyone was in good condition and the team cooperated very tacitly. Though there is a little regrets in the end, failing to reach the top prize, we still hold the belief that the Duckforces will become better in the future! At the same time, I am very grateful to the Zhejiang University for providing each team with a good training platform and high-quality collective training. Best wishes for ZJU-ACM team!. The player Lou Qinpei said,“Our team has a great atmosphere. Thank Duckforces for preserving all the way till now, finally got there! We made it! Thanks for everyone in the team who helped us. Best wishes for the ACM team in Zhejiang University in the upcoming competitions!”

Duckforces under trainning

Zhejiang Universitys ACM TeamZhejiang Universitys programming contest team has a good tradition and a glorious history, with numerous gold medals in various competitions at home and abroad. Team ZJU was the winner of the 35th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals in Orlando, USA in 2011. To date, only two universities in Chinese Mainland have bagged the gold in the world finals, and Zhejiang University is one of them. This year, ZJU's programming team continued its strong progress, winning the ICPC Asia Shenyang Regional Championship, the ICPC Asia Xi'an Regional Championship and finishing third in the ICPC Asia Jinan Regional Contest. In the five completed China Collegiate Programming Contests (CCPC) this year, Team ZJU gained runners-up respectively in CCPC Guilin, CCPC Weihai, CCPC Guangzhou, CCPC Mianyang and CCPC Girls'.