On the evening of 2022.10.29, the 2022 Nobel Prize Interpretation Academic Conference of CKCHC and the opening ceremony of MIX festival was held in the lecture hall of Haina State, with researcher Yan Bo of “Hundred Talents Program” of Physics college, researcher Ji Pengfei of “Hundred Talents Program” of Chemistry college, researcher Zhu Yueteng of “Hundred Talents Program” of Economy college being invited to be the three keynote speakers and the Secretary of the Party of CKCHC Xu Xiao, the subdeans of CKCHC Lu Xin and Guo Jiangtao presenting.

    The Nobel Prize Interpretation Academic Conference of CKCHC is the opening event of MIX festival and Xu Xiaofeng delivered a speech at the event.Since the establishment of the mixed class in 1984, the mixed spirit of CKC has been passed down from generation to generation and became more and more innovative. MIX festival is themed at Mission Inspired, Improvement of Innovation and  Excellence being Pursued,  aiming to bring students in CKCHC a feast of formidable and interdisciplinary activities. Xu Xiaofeng emphasized the original intention of the MIX Festival , and encouraged the students to take serving the national strategic science as their mission and become a bright star in the field of scientific research. Subsequently, Xu Xiaofeng and Lu Xin unveiled the 2022 MIX Festival and the annual festival commenced.

Under everyone’s eager expectation, the 2022 Nobel Prize Interpretation Academic Conference of CKCHC began. Lu Xin and Guo Jiangtao ,the subdeans of CKCHC, presented souvenirs to the three keynote speakers in the purpose of expressing gratitude to the three teacher’s lecture and the introduction of cutting-edge knowledge to CKCHC. 

    Yan Bo interpreted the Nobel Prize in Physics. He started his lecture from the background of the measure of precision and introduced the Bell inequality, then talked about the progress of quantum science and technology. He also mentioned that the quantum science and technology would point the way of the new era of revolution of science and industry. The students understood the formula of physics thanks to the introduction of Mr.Yan where he explained the profound formula in a simple way.

    Next came professor Ji Pengfei, who addressed an analysis of the Nobel Prize of Chemistry. He explained the concept of Click Chemistry and Bio-orthogonal Chemistry from the perspective of principles of chemistry and biological languages. He also gave listeners a historical review concerning the development of Click Chemistry. Then he turned his focus on the three characteristics of this year’s prize and the importance of the integration of subjects.

    Finally, professor Zhu Yueteng delivered his interpretation of this year’s Nobel Prize of Economic. Starting from introducing the meaning of a bank run, his speech made it clear how these prize-winners’ researches shed light on the vulnerability of banks and stressed the importance of a financial system as well as a financial accelerator to economy. At last, he shared his ideas of how these theories could be used to guide the development of Chinese economy, which deepened our understanding of finance.

    Trough the integration of online and in-person forms, not only the presented audience were arranged to put questions but also the high school students from the “Elite program” on the live broadcast were available to interact with the teachers. After the interpretation, each teacher spared some time for questioning and the students grabbed this chance to raise a series of valuable questions according to their knowledge and interest. The teacher’s gave detailed explanations enabling the audience to get a deeper understanding.

    Tonight, we listened, questioned, and discussed about the Nobel articles altogether and we believe we shall have a deeper understanding and eagerer anticipation for scientific study through our attentive exploration. The 2022 Nobel Prize Interpretation Academic Conference of CKCHC came to a successful conclusion.

Organizer: Center for Academic Development and Innovation, Students' Union of CKC Honors College.
Photos: Vision Studio, Omnimedia Center
Article: Jingqiu Tang, Jinyi Tang
Audit: Zhenyu Wu