Exchange Programs

Aiming to promote the cultivation of high-level internationalized talents, Chu Kochen Honors College provides its students with various high-level international communication opportunities. By offering students chances such as cross-culture communication, international courses and internships in world’s top universities, Chu Kochen Honors College enables its students to broaden their horizons so as to develop them into innovative talents and potential leaders with global view and sustainable competence. In recent years, Chu Kochen Honors College strives to provide every student with at least one opportunity for international exchanges. Students can study in countries in Europe, America, Oceania and Asia and other regions.

I.The Program of Scientific Research Practice in the World’s Top Colleges and Universities in Chu Kochen Honors College offers outstanding students of our college access to the world’s top 20 universities or top 5 colleges where they can perform medium-and-long-term scientific practice and their graduation projects. Our program is designed to provide solid support for elite undergraduates whose determination is to apply for admission into top universities of related field (like Harvard Universities, MIT and Cambridge University) or doctor degrees in leading laboratory. Registration can be gained through the introduction of institution and tutors as well as independent application.

II. MIT “machine learning+” program

This program aims to select outstanding students, who will go to MIT to study “machine learning+” course. This program is dominated by practical project teaching. Classical theory teaching, leading application, practice project also take part in it.  Apart from Subject course, Subject sharing and Tech company,workshop visiting are included as well, allowing students to experience the teaching and searching method and the newest subject development.

III. Special Cultivating Program for Preeminent Students

The program aims to train participants ability by sending them to well-known American universities (e.g. Davis College) and enterprises to enable them to grasp multiple chances. Participants will take part in activities such as academic research, social survey, cultural exchange and visits in order to learn more deeply and fully about American economy, society, culture, education, etc., thus promoting their ability to observe and analyze accurately, communicate and cooperate adequately at a relatively high level.

IV. Asian University Summit (AUS) exchange program

The AUS, independently led and operated by students, is an international academic project of the  University Scholars Program” of the National University of Singapore. It aims to establish a seminar platform for Asian undergraduates to promote profound communication of academy, culture and experience. Bringing together top student leaders from all well-known universities in Asia, the summit is intended to found a high-caliber discussion platform for Asian college students, to enhance exchanges of academy, culture and experience, and jointly discuss governance concerns in Asia and even the world.

V. Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 Program

This project aims at selecting preeminent students to attend the Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 Program in the UK, which is jointly organized by University College London, Imperial College London, The Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Highly predominant professors and business executives are invited to give lectures to students. Apart from learning in class, students can also communicate with outstanding students of British G5 universities (Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science) to learn about the experience and methods of applying for British universities.

VI. Oxford Study abroad Program

The program provides straight-A students with the opportunity to participate in Oxford University's overseas courses, all of which are lectured by professors in Oxford University. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity to visit famous institutions and enterprises in Britain and get an experience of getting involved in local activities. Whats more, students taking part in the project can communicate with postgraduates and doctoral students from Oxford University Chinese Society to learn about the experience of studying in Oxford University and applying for British universities.

XII. ZJU-HKUST Exchanging Program

The program selects preeminent students and send them to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) for exchange study while inviting outstanding professors from HKUST to provide lectures for ZJU students. Besides, students are able to visit local government offices to get a better understanding of local culture.