The beginning of the final
Dean Lin Xiao Made a Speech
Take history as a mirror, open up a new era
Saplings speak no words, animate the barren hillocks
I See Fire
Dancing in the "core" light
The last three persimmons
The Ancient Characters, the Original Heart
Pass on the Torch of the Times, Be the Youth of Seeking Truth
The Spirit of the Great Physician Benefits All Sentient Beings
Wear the White Clothes as Armor to Serve the Motherland---Mr. Liu Zhiying’s Anti-Bacterial Warfare
The Vast World of Philosophy
Pass on the Torch of Seeking Truth
Pursuit Truth, Seek Paths and Fight from Wrong
Viva La Vida

Among the splendid dreams, among the shining faces, 2022 Class Characteristic Performance final has successfully concluded on the evening of Nov.26th.

Now, let’s have a look at those impressive moments during the final.

1. The beginning of the final

On the evening of Nov.26th, CKC 2022 Class Characteristic Performance final was held in the Lake-adjacent Lecture Hall of Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University. Tong Jingzhong, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Zhejiang University; Lin Xiao, Deputy Dean of CKC College; Zhang Manhua, Secretary of the League Committee of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering College; Tao Anna, Secretary of the League Committee of Arts College; You Ruijie, Secretary of the League Committee of Computer Science and Technology College; Wang Jiali, Deputy Secretary of the League Committee of Agriculture and Biotechnology College and Deputy Director of the Student Work Office; Lu Jiaying, Secretary of the League Committee of CKC College and counselors of CKC College freshmen attended this activity. With the theme of Seeking truth and carry on, 12 classes had entered the final after the preliminary competition.

2. Teacher’s oration

Dean Lin Xiao made a speech for the contest and gave affirmation and expectation to the Class Characteristic Performance. At the same time, Dean Lin Xiao put forward some requirements and expectations to the young students of CKC college, hoping that the students can enjoy the competition, work together, be the builder of the class organization, and be the inheritors of the spirit of truth seeking.

3. Highlights

Lingyun choir opened the competition with sky, euphonic and melodious music seems to have brought us to the paradise, roaming and roaming. It was a feast where we touched the notes without hearts.

(1)  Take History as a Mirror, Open Up a New Era.

History (Strengthening Foundation Program) 2201 vividly interpreted history through three dialogues -- Thoughts on the loss of the country, debate of the truth, and pure emotion embodied by plum blossom. Finally, their performance ends with the chorus of Touch the Sky, showing the aspirations of history students.

(2)  Saplings speak no words, animate the barren hillocks.

Shennong 2201 affectionately interprets Saihanba spirit in the form of melodrama. The sand-control spirit inherits from father to son, and the quality of dedication will keep shining throughout the history. And with their original song green silence, they showed the splendid dreams and the pure patriotism of Shennong students.

(3)  I See Fire.

Mix 2209 class took Fei Gong Lantern as a clue to ignite the lamp of heart with their powerful fists to serve the country. The transmission of the oil lamp represents the spirit of trust, and the two eras resonate here. The relay of the fire unites the strong love of teachers and students, and the history of Zhejiang University has stayed here for over one hundred years. The bright lamp not only makes the flower of hope continue to bloom in the hearts of the teachers and students who moved west, but also serves as a beacon to show the way forward for students of Zhejiang University.

(4) Dancing in the "core" Light.

Mix 2206 performed the story of chemists who continued to carry on the spirit of their predecessors and explored the mysteries of superconducting quantum chips. By means of drama and recitation, it shows the spirit of chemists who climbed to the top of science and went forward to seek the truth.

(5) The Last Three Persimmons.

Mix 2202 showed students' pursuit of seeking truth with interesting harmonic trick. The ripening of persimmons signifies the growth of students, and the new green shoots served as a symbol of the spirit of seeking truth which has been passed on from generation to generation.

(6) The Ancient Characters, the Original Heart.

Chinese Language and Literature (Strengthening Foundation Plan)2201, started from Xiao Zou to show the spirit and knowledge of ancient scholars, to explore the national mystery with the heart of truth seeking, to get the answer with the heart of the Confucianists. Ask only the right and wrong, regardless of personal interests. Upstream I go, the way is extending on and on.

(7) Pass on the Torch of the Times, Be the Youth of Seeking Truth.

The Experimental Class in Humanities and Social Sciences 2202 expressed their emotions of desiring to continue lost teachings for past sages and to establish peace for all future generations in the form of group recitation. They are motivated to pass on the torch of the times, to inherit the spirit of seeking truth and to be the youth of the new era.

(8) The Spirit of the Great Physician Benefits All Sentient Beings.

Experimental Medical Class 2202 told the story of Academician Badenian’s practical actions to help the common people and to effectively solve the problem of difficult and expensive treatments for the people in the form of sitcom, which showed the meticulous medical humanistic care. In the end, a song “We are all dreamers” sang out the spirit of medical students to pursue their dreams and to scale great heights.

(9) Wear the White Clothes as Armor to Serve the Motherland---Mr. Liu Zhiying’s Anti-Bacterial Warfare.

Biological Science (Strengthening Foundation Plan) 2201 performed the heroic deeds of Mr. Liu Zhiying who responded to the call of the motherland and went to the battlefield of Korea to fight against bacteria int the form of sitcom. Moreover, the spirit of Mr. Liu has been passed down for a long time.

(10) The Vast World of Philosophy.

The new students of Philosophy (Strengthening Foundation Plan) 2201 traveled through the vast space and time, and had a divine encounter with the ancient sages in the palace of history. Socrates, Kant, Lao zi...... Under the guidance of generations of sages, the philosophers are determined to open up new things and to build our country, writing the song of philosophy in the spirit of seeking truth.

(11) Pass on the Torch of Seeking Truth.

Turing 2201 recalled the past --- in the flames of war, the students of Zhejiang University were calm in face of danger and concentrated on computer development, showing their public loyalty and perseverance and ability to shoulder great responsibilities.

(12) Pursuit Truth, Seek Paths and Fight from Wrong.

Mixed 2203 take academic issues as the starting point, trace back to the past and look into the future, showing the ethos of a group of students who take truth as their orientation, stick to the right path in academy and try to redress the unhealthy tendencies.

At last, the Lingyun Orchestra brings a successful end to the competition with a well-prepared song Viva La Vida!

4. Summary & Comments

Tong Jingzhong, the deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, commented on the activity. Professor Tong Jingzhong expressed his appreciation for this activity. In this performance, the personality and the style of each class of fresh CKCers were vividly reflected. Professor Tong hopes that all CKCers can inherit and carry forward the spirit of pursuing truth, learn professional knowledge, and grow into leading talents with knowledge, ability, quality, and innovation in their later study and life.

5.  Photos and list of winners

Winners List

First Prize

The Experimental Class in Humanities and Social Sciences 2202

Mixed 2202

Second Prize

Mixed 2209

International Training Program for Agribusiness Management 2201

Literature (Strengthening Foundation Plan) 2201

Philosophy (Strengthening Foundation Plan) 2201

Third Prize

Turing 2201

Experimental Medical Class 2202

Mixed 2206

Mixed 2203

History (Strengthening Foundation Plan) 2201

Biological Science(“Truth Pursuit” Science Class) 2201

Best Design Award

Mixed 2207

Turing 2203

Biological Science (Strengthening Foundation Plan) 2201

Clusters of youth flames, the sound of the times

Inherit the thousand-year-old rhyme, play the Li Song of present time

Let us burn the ideal beacon for the vast starry sky

So far, the 2022 CKC Class Characteristic Final Performance has been successfully concluded. We hope that all the CKCers will overcome all the difficulties, remain true to original aspirations, cherish our family and country, and strive for the future!