During the two-day 2022 Zhejiang University Sports Meeting, CKC athletes did their utmost to compete, eventually ­­wining the second place in the total score of the undergraduate group.

Now let us have a look at the marvelous youth demeanor of CKC athletes!

(1) 4*100 m&4*400 m

Small baton, connecting your friendship;

Four people's track, extending your faith and hope.

Let the sweat fly among the breeze,

You all unleashed you full strength.

(2) 1500 m

One lap, two laps…

We’ve seen your unflinching stare when you were unwilling to stay behind.

We’ve felt your greatest endeavor when you were determined to take the lead.

This was the struggle of will. This was the challenge of speed.

Sunshine witnessed every firm pace,

While the sweat on your cheeks proclaimed the forthcoming victory.

(3) 100 m hurdles

Every time you jumped, every time you fell,

Your firm belief was not waverd.

Boldly hurdling with hope, you seemed to have a pair of invisible wings.

Even though there were many hurdles,

You were always ready to get over them with utmost confidence.

(4) 100 m

Accompanied by the sough autumn wind,

A shot.

You show your style.

The first desire to reach the end,

It is your belief that you do your best.

You took just a dozen seconds,

Showing an eternal fighting posture.

Honor List

裘小钰,戴寒琪,韩越,宋嘉仪Women 4 × 100m relay  1st place

裘小钰,戴寒琪,钱知之,宋嘉仪Women 4 × 400m relay  1st place

江以恒,胡思成,王宇杰,杜一凡Men 4 × 400m relay  1st place

裘小钰Women's 100m  1st place

江以恒,龙雨时,龚懿德,杜一凡Men 4 × 100m relay   2nd place

钱知之 Woman’s 3000m  2nd place

叶宏灿 Men's 400m Hurdle  2nd place

刘一恒 Men's Shot  2nd place

裘小钰  Women's 100m Hurdle  2nd place

忻琪佳 Women's Shot Put  2nd place

忻琪佳 Women's Javelin  3rd place

钱知之 Woman’s 1500m  3rd place

龚懿德  Men's 200m  4th place

刘一恒 Men's Javelin  4th place

胡思成 Men's 400m  6th place

王宇杰 Men's 800m  6th place

李秋宇 Men's Triple Jump  6th place

孙兰馨 Women's Javelin  6th place

陈欣然 Women's High Jump  7th place

王宇杰 Men's 1500m  8th place

 Good results have been spread frequently and the achievements have been fruitful. Let's express our warmest congratulations to the award-winning athletes!

Athletes who have not won the award, your fighting attitude makes our blood surging. We look forward to your success in the coming year!

CKC dreams soaring, accompanying you and I.

Inside the athletic field were the energetic athletes, while outside the field were the staff and volunteers fully supporting them. Students from the Arts and Sports Center of the Student Union set up a base camp at the Ziyun basketball court to provide logistical support for the students.

College teachers also came to the base camp to visit the athletes and staff during the race, cheering the athletes of CKC up.