On the evening of September 13th, 2022, the first of the series lecture themed“The Mixed Study Seminar”of Chu Kochen Honors College (CKC) was successfully held. With pure enthusiasm and zeal, professors from various departments, CKC leaders and teachers, and freshmen from the mixed class participated in this grant event. With fabulous opening displayed by Professor Yu Qian, the Vice President of CKC, and the elegant speech made by Professor Ge Jian, the Secretary Party Committee and Executive Vice President of CKC, the first lecture of the Professional Advanced Forum officially began. This lecture was part of “CKC Altogether Speaking” activity, and was broadcast live for all students in ZJU.


      Resource Value and Interactive Breakthrough

At first, the Academician Gao Xiang, Dean of the College of Energy Engineering called for innovational breakthrough in advanced energy engineering. He pointed out, 'Not only should we study, but also innovate, and, more essentially, we should promote the development of our country.' Dean Gao encouraged students in CKC not only to do what they wanted to do, but also to explore the unknown domains.

With profound vision and foresight, Dean Gao proposed the concepts of interact project as well as combined engineering study, introducing latest interdisciplinary projects like Smart Energy, Energy and Environmental System Projects to students. Then he narrated a vivid instance of 'Deepening international communication and cooperation, constituting global-wide open developing circle'.

  The Top Priorities of the Country Forthcoming by Observing Tiny Clues

Then, Professor Zhu Tiejun, dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, vividly demonstrated the wonderful flexibility of materials with a daily case of folding mobile phones. 'A generation of technology, a generation of industry', Professor Zhu introduced from early metal materials to new ceramics and carbon fiber. He pointed out that materials are integrated with national development needs through the organic combination of 'foundation, engineering and technology'. The development of material research also extends from the basic research in the micro part to the continuous breakthrough in the macro field. Professor Zhu led the students to understand the new materials such as aerospace composite materials and all-solid-state semiconductor refrigeration, introduced those to-be-solved key technologies such as thermoelectric refrigeration technology and quartz collection, and enthusiastically demonstrated the development of the monocrystalline silicon subject he had been studying on. The students had a full understanding material science and engineering, and also had a deeper understanding of the development of materials and the solution of national problem

Even the slightest molecular can make for a forest

After a short rest, Professor Li Hanying, Deputy Director of the Polymer Department, stepped onto the platform with passion and began to talk about the polymer specialty. Starting with the process of petroleum manufacturing and plastic production, Professor Li told the students about the remarkable achievements made by Zhejiang University on material science and technology as well as the special advantages of 'combination of science and engineering' and 'interdisciplinary research'. Professor Li introduced the research methods of controllable catalytic polymerization to students, starting from the micro-structure of functional polymers and rheology. With the efficient production of organic photovoltaic cells, Zhejiang University proposed a plan to face the problems of environment, resources and health. He answered the students' questions about the 'polymer research model' from the aspects of 'inspiring, cultivating and educating people in the polymer specialty'. He used 'bear flame in the heart' as a metaphor for the happiness of scientific research, and won the applause of the students present.

The world and the future, lightened by electricity

Professor Ding Yi, the vice president of the College of Electrical Engineering, started with the development of his college and personalized career planning and then moved on to the unforgettable experience of how he formed the solid bond with electrical engineering. Later, he talked about the unique points of Electrical Engineering, Applied Electronics, and Systematic Science and Engineering. At the same time, a great many outstanding alumni were introduced as well. Professor Ding set his standpoint on the topic of subject arrangements and motivation for college running , clarified what efforts and devotions his college had made to innovate the inherent system, and analyzed some new concepts such as 'new electricity' and 're-electrification'. Besides, he gave the students clear explanations on related knowledge of high-performance power conversion and intelligent electrical energy system, enabling them to form a deeper understanding of power grid operation, security for the Internet of Things and new micro nano devices.

After the inspiring lectures given by the deans and professors, students not only appreciated the unique beauty of the four conventional engineering faculties, but also gained a deeper understanding of the major selection and career planning for the near future. 'Firm beliefs equip us with wings to fly '. There’s no doubt that under the patient guidance of the teachers, students are able to find their own directions and make perfect combination of personal interest and China’s development. Make the big surrounded by the illumination of the small, thus becoming eternal and inheritable.

                                            Edited by Hu Jingyuan

                                                 Photos from Hou Jiefu Yang Zhengyu

                                                Proof Read by Lin Wei Zhang Yutong