On the afternoon of October 29th, 2021, the Ninth Opening Day with Mentors with the theme of AI was held by the Cho Kochen Honors College in the Zijingang Campus. Associate professor Hongzhi Wu from the College of Computer Science and Technology and researcher Yang Zhao from the College of Energy Engineering were invited as lecturer.
Junjie Zhao, the vice dean of CKC, announced the start of the lecture. He looked back on the previous activities and expressed his expectation that students would have a deeper understanding and further exploration of scientific research through this series of activities.
Wu’s lecture mainly concentrated on the topic of differentiable visual information collection. He explained how his team deal with the technical bottleneck to digitize the reality through complex physical manifestations, and how they achieve the full automation from hardware to software. Zhangkai Kang, a PhD student in Wu’s research team, shared his own experience on doing scientific research and offered some suggestions to the undergraduates.
After that, researcher Zhao introduced the present situation of the combination of the energy technology and AI as well as the prospect of this area, pointing out the role of AI in solving some urgent problems in energy, especially in application. Undergraduate student Yangze Zhou from Zhao’s team also shared his advice on how to conduct scientific research
At the end of the lecture, the students, enlightened by the speech, had a heated discussion with the two mentors and shard their feelings. This activity, in which knowledge about cutting-edge technology is shared, will continue to guide the students to the brand-new world of science.