On Nov. 19, 2021, the launching ceremony of the CKC tutorial system (Class of 2020) and the displays of in-depth research training achievements were successfully held in 139 lecture hall, Meng Minwei Building, Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University. The guests attending this event were the CKC teachers, department presidents as well as the class of 2020. Also at present were managers and leaders from Huawei Hangzhou Research Institute.
Zhang Fan, associate dean of the CKC, kicked off the event by introducing the history of the tutorial system and the college's eminent teachers and tutors.
CKC sticks to the tutorial system tradition, conscientiously implements the system and carries out the in-depth research training programs. In the recent selection of 2020 research training projects, 4 outstanding projects were selected from 32 programs. Gu Qian from Huawei Hangzhou Research Institute awarded the four teams certificates and 10-thousand-RMB scholarship, and affirmed students’ fruitful achievements in scientific research and exploration.
After that, Teacher Lin Wei introduced the specific procedure of the CKC tutorial system and answered students' questions thoroughly.
Huang Ziming, Li Tanshuang and Diao Zhongpu, representatives of the winning teams of the research training program respectively introduced their subjects and shared their unique experience about the tutorial system.
After the seniors' sharing, Ms Yuan Chao, hiring manager of Huawei Hangzhou Research Institute, selected five students and announced their research goals. In thunderous applause and enthusiastic atmosphere, the event came to a successful conclusion with thunderous applause and a warm atmosphere