Programs of Study


Following the motto, “take the nation as responsibility and the truth as pursuit”, EPA cultivates groups of future leaders with academic excellence, high morality, pioneering and innovative ability, who also have outstanding public leadership, global competence and senses of responsibility and mission. EPA members are supposed to have broad international perspective, strong patriotism and high scientific literacy, so that they can play important roles in national governance and international arena in futural world.
Based on the high-level scientific research and teaching teams of Two First-Class Disciplines, named public management as well as agriculture and forestry economic management, EPA equips each student with one tutor, applying the pattern of “bringing in and gonging out” so as to promote their internationalization. At the same time, EPA provides many practical exercises for its students relying on the “Youth Pre-employment Training Program” under the practice of the Central Ministries and Commissions, the “Purple Collar Plan” directed by the cadres at the department and bureau level, the “Youth Project” of serving the grassroots posts, and a large number of practice bases.