Programs of Study


Facing the substantial demand for the current energy revolution and the IT revolution in the world, the class serves for the strategy of developing the energy Internet and adapts to the update and transformation of the energy industry. The class also aims at cultivating compound leaders with a strong background knowledge in merging the IT and energy technology and the capable leadership of energy revolution. With first-class international teachers and important scientific platforms as a guarantee, the class constructs the curriculum system featuring “solid basis, strong compound, abundant practice, and international”. In addition, the class applies small classes and mentor-instructing throughout the undergraduate program, focusing on developing the initial creativity and global competitiveness of the students. During the undergraduate course, students will have opportunities to go to MIT, Columbia University, Kyoto University, UIUC and so on to have a long-term scientific practice or graduation project. Also, students enjoy the priority to apply for the double degree or joint training project from Tokyo University, KTH, Ecole Polytechnique and other famous international universities in the world.