Programs of Study


By referring to the profound teaching and scientific research strength in College of Computer Science and Technology and revolving upon its featured cultivation model marked by “roundness and professionalism”, as is elaborated in “intensification of full-discipline fundamentals”, “round training on scientific research”, “whole-process guidance from supervisors”, “introduction of global resources” and “fostering of professional discipline”, Turing Class implements the cultivation plan of top-rated talents on computer science and takes aim at cultivating high-quality undergraduate students carrying profound foundation, high competence, in-depth digging spirit and wide horizon.  Chief professors in Turing Class consist of Professor Whitfield Diffie, winner of Turing Award which also known as “Nobel Prize in the Realm of Computer Science”, academician Wu Chaohui, Chen Chun, Pan Yunhe and Shen Xiangyang, and the supervisors in Turing Class cover state-level high-level personnel. Students are allowed to independently opt for their major s from three choices open for undergraduate students, namely Computer Science and Technology, AI and Information Security. They are encouraged to pursue further study in global first-rated universities upon graduation and to aspire to grow into first-class discipline leaders and strategic scientists on computer science.