Programs of Study


Relying on the construction of Double First-Class and A+ Disciplines, the class is committed to cultivating innovative talents and leaders with profound theoretical and technical foundation, rigorous logical reasoning ability, excellent practical ability, and global competitiveness in the field of Robotics. The major of Robotics Engineering possesses a team of top-class mentors with rich experience in teaching and researching. Students of the class have gained many honors, such as Robot World Cup Champion, International Robot Design Competition Champion, International Aerial Robot World Champion, etc. With technical innovation and cross in electrical and mechanical control, artificial intelligence and so on, some students have developed quadruped robot dog, table tennis robot, autonomous mobile robot, and other influential intelligent robots of a new generation. Relying on the National Key Laboratories, National Engineering Research Center, the Ministry of Education platform, Robot Science and Education Practice Base and so on, a multi-disciplinary interdisciplinary talent training platform is formed, featuring “science and education collaboration and competition to promote learning”.