In the early morning of November 17, 2021, Beijing time, the latest list of the world’s 50 most Influential management thinkers (hereinafter referred to as Thinkers50) in 2021 was released. Chen Jin, a fellow in 1985 mixed class of Chu Kochen Honors College of Zhejiang University (Professor of School of economics and management of Tsinghua University, director of technology innovation research center of TsinghuaUniversity, and former executive vice president of Chu Kochen Honors College of Zhejiang University), was selected into the list,ranking 17th in the world.
Thinkers50, founded in 2001, is a biennial international selection and the world’s first rankinglist of management thinkers.
The Thinkers50 selection committee evaluated Chen Jin as “an active researcher of open innovation, independent innovation and comprehensive innovation, putting forward th integrated innovation idea of viewing technological innovation from a systematic perspective”.
The idea of holistic innovation, developed by Chen Jin on basis of thorough investigation on innovation theory and paradigm such as indigenous innovation, total innovation, open  innovation, collaborate innovation, enterprise innovation ecosystem, etc., and continuous research and practice on dozens of companies, is a positive exploration of Chinese innovation paradigm in the new era.
This time, Chen Jin was selected into the Thnkers50, which was also conductive to the further communication between innovation theory of the East and the West. And the academic view of Chinese scholars on innovation management will gradually become international.