University delivered by the headmaster Wu Chaohui.
On the afternoon of Sept.13,2020, the Opening Ceremony for 2020 freshmen in Zhejiang University Chu Kochen Honors College and the first lesson for freshmen by the headmaster Wu Chaohui was ceremoniously held.
With regularized pandemic control in place, the ceremony was held both offline and online.
Opening Ceremony
At about 1:00pm, the ceremony began, Ge Jian, the  standing Vice President and the head of Communist Party Committee in CKC, warmly welcomed the freshmen and introduced the CKC to them in terms of overview of freshmen, cultivating aims, and the features of CKC. The number of 2020’ freshmen was up to 740, and 11 cultivating directions, 36 classes in total.
After the speeches given by a student representative and a teacher representative, the president of CKC Student Association Li Zhiqing led all the freshmen to stand up and solemnly swore to always head for the highest and strive for excellence.
The First Lesson
The headmaster Wu delivered the first lesson on the theme of “Study for the future and study for the excellence”. Wu emphasized that CKC is the cultivating base of the most excellent innovative talents of Zhejiang University, as well as the test field and the example of the education and teaching innovation.
At last, the ceremony came to an end in the applause of all the students and teachers.
2020‘ freshmen would then keep the college motto in mind,  strive for excellence and create their own future.