Brief Introduction

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Established in May, 2000, the Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University(CKC), is named after the former principal Chu Kochen. CKC, which originated from the mixed class(engineering) of Zhejiang University that dates back to 1984, is now under the leadership of the current principal Wu Zhaohui.

CKC is an honor college oriented towards the implementation of exceptional education provided for the distinguished undergraduates. It is the fundamental base for school to carry out the cultivation of talents, as well as the trailblazer to deepen school’s educational and teaching reform.

 Adhering to the motto Entertaining lofty ambitions and pursuing eternal excellence and taking the aim Laying a solid foundation for the growth of exceptional talents, the college carries out excellent education plans to cover the whole process of undergraduate cultivating, such as philosophical education and mathematical ability training. All mentioned above is to pave the way for cultivating high-quality top innovative elites and future leaders in all walks of life who are equipped with a broad groundwork, profound knowledge, superb ability, extraordinary quality, noble spirit and global competitiveness in related fields.

 Relying on the comprehensive variety of subjects and high-level faculty of Zhejiang University, the Chu Kochen Hornors College adopts diversified and individualized fostering model to provide a vigorous and flexible platform for the elite students’ development. In this way, they can fully develop their individualities and explore their potentials.

 Wind rising and tides rolling, we shall set sail on a marvelous voyage. As an experimental field for school undergraduate educational reform, the Chu Kochen Honors College has its brilliant history and glorious mission, making new achievements, initiating new prospects and becoming one of the world-class honored colleges. CKC commits itself to showcasing the high education quality of Chinese undergraduate talents, assembling the world’s top educational resources, as well as exploring an innovation model of honorary education which incorporates into the world.