A Meeting with Professor Ren Aiming and Professor Jiang Chao

Editor:张可欣 Date:2021-04-16 Hits:0

Professor Ren Aiming and Professor Jiang Chao, researchers and doctoral supervisors of the Life Sciences Institute of Zhejiang University, were invited as main lecturers of the fifth phase of “Tutor Is Coming” on the afternoon of April 16, 2021, in East 1B-211, Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. Zheng Luqian, Xu Xiaochen and Huang Sisi attended as assistant speakers.

Mr. Zhao Junjie, Vice Dean of CKC, started the lecture, saying that all students should be given a platform to understand scientific research and learn how to do it.

Then, Professor Ren Aiming and Professor Jiang Chao took turns to talk about their research experience and projects. 

Professor Ren Aiming elaborated her research content of Structure, Function and Application of Non-coding RNA molecules. 

Professor Jiang Chao introduced his research works on Mapping the vast and dynamic human exposome. 

Next, the assistant speakers shared their gains and ideas of scientific research. Students asked many questions about their confusion and finally, the participants took a group photo together.