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On the evening of October 25th, 2019, the 2019 Nobel Prize Interpretation Academic Conference of CKCHC was held in room 225 of Meng Minwei building

First, the host made a preliminary introduction to this year's Nobel Prize and welcomed the principal speakers and guests. This year, CKCHC had the honor to invite researcher Kang Xi from Zijinshan Observatory, Professor Fan Jieping from the college of foreign languages, culture and international exchange, Professor Jiang Yinzhu from the college of materials science and engineering, Professor Wang Liming from the college of Life Sciences, Li Wenteng, deputy secretary of Party committee of CKCHC, as well as the counselors and the teachers of League and education administrations.



After that, Mr. Li Wenteng presented honorary certificates to all the guests and delivered a speech. He encouraged students to participate in a wider range of academic activities and conferences, so as to lay a solid foundation of becoming a future leader. He also stressed the significance of the Nobel Prize Interpretation Academic Conference in detail and that students should do ordinary things well and have lofty aspirations.



The interpretation of Nobel Prize in Physics

Researcher Kang Xi has been engaged in the formation and evolution of galaxies and the study of large-scale structure of the universe for a long time. During the interpretation, he introduced a series of cosmological knowledge, such as the course of modern human exploration of the universe, theories of the Big Bang and how the various elements around us were formed in the earliest stage of the universe.


The interpretation of Nobel Prize in literature

Professor Fan Jieping majors in German language literature and culture. He gave us detailed introductions on not only the representative works of Olga Tokarczuk but also Peter Handke's life, his achievements and some controversies about him. He also interpreted Peter Handke's famous works and analyzed the fragmented characteristics and spirits contained in them, together with his hometown complex and political tendency.


The interpretation of Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Professor Jiang Yinzhu was mainly engaged in the research of Energy material chemistry and new energy devices. He had in-depth views on ion batteries, thin film electrodes, all solid-state batteries, on which he has made many academic achievements. From the primitive era, He explained the significance of lithium-ion battery to daily life and its theoretical basis thoroughly and demonstrated the past and present life of lithium-ion battery to the audience. He also analyzed the future of lithium-ion battery. In the end, Professor Jiang warned students to conduct scientific researches with broader vision to deal with real problems.   


The interpretation of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Professor Wang Liming mainly studies the regulation of metabolism, the neurobiological mechanism of metabolic diseases, the disease model and drug screening of lipid metabolism. During the interpretation, Professor Wang underlined the importance of oxygen to human body, analyzing the newest discovery that the change of oxygen content in human body was the internal mechanism of regulating the number of red blood cells and the practical use of it.


Besides, the interpretation given by the masters inspired the students. Many of them put forward questions, to which the professors offered detailed answers.



Finally, the 2019 Nobel Prize interpretation conference of CKCHC was successfully concluded.