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  At 12:00p.m., Nov.12th, 2019, professor Ian David Hickson and his wife were cordially welcomed by professors and students of CKCHC. Later, he granted his insights into both scientific research and ideaology during a lunch session.

Before the launch of the lunch session, Ying Songmin, the dean of CKCHC, gave the attendants a brief introduction of Prof. Ian David Hickson and his titles. As the lunch session kicked off, Prof. Hickson narrated of his studying experience as an undergraduate majored in biochemistry, and later PhD, when he studied half in industry and half in university due to its cooperation with an industrial agency. He mentioned his failed project oriented to transforming bacteria into food and his later career path, including researches on the mechanism of cell controlling chromosome under the effect of aged-associated diseases and genetic stability, the treatments of the cancer along with targeted medicine, etc.

  After that came the most thrilling moment when the CKC students put forward so many intriguing and impressive questions. One from Ba Denian Class raised his confusion on the distance between clinical and laboratory research. The professor took the Oxford program set up in 1990 as an example which was based on both. He pointed out the direct relation between many clinical practices and fundamental researches from the laboratory. He mentioned such was often the case, that the transformation might happen unexpectedly, which would contribute to your further clinical practice. He highlighted the significance of scientific research in sharpening one’s mind and deepening one’s comprehension of the clinical research despite the universal consensus that doctors specialized in fact-oriented work as well as the mechanism of humans’ body. As for fostering acute scientific intuition and mind, he said the key was to harboring an inquiring mind. With the thunderous applause echoing in the meeting room, this session reached to a satisfactory ending.

  Upon wrapping up the whole interaction, professor Ian David Hickson and his wife took a group photo with all the attendants.