【Excellence Lecture】the 34th CKC hosted Excellence Lecture�Academician Yang Yonghua presenting Current Situation and Policy

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At 14:00, 27th April, 2018, the 34th CKC hosted Excellence Lecture � Academician Yang Yonghua presenting Current Situation and Policy took place in the Annexe of the School of Medicine. The lecture focused on Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics. We invited the Expert in Fluid Drive and Control, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yangtze River Scholar, Academician Yang Yonghua to deliver the lecture. CKC deputy party secretary Li Wenteng, and the counselor of CKC attended the lecture.

Secretary Li formally introduced Academician Yang Yonghua to the Guests present and the students, and cordially welcomed him and appreciated his presence in the midst of pressing affairs. At the same time, Secretary Li stressed the significance of the Excellence Lecture, and wished all the guests present to absorb knowledge, so that on our country’s way to a great rejuvenation, every one of the Chu Kochen Honors College could be loyal and persevere, and take up the responsibility initiatively and competently.

After the speech, Secretary Li Wenteng delivered an honor certificate for Academician Yang Huayong and thanked him for his devotion to undergraduate education.


Next is a wonderful special report presented by Academician Yang Huayong on the current situation and policies.

Academician Yang first introduced the scientific research profile of his laboratory, and particularly elaborated the frontier technological breakthroughs in the field of smart manufacturing and robotics.


Academician Yang’s team has been diligent, innovative, and fruitful over the years. Among the major breakthroughs, three key technologies are involved. One is the key technology of high-performance hydraulic components, the second is the research of immersion system of  lithography machines, and the third is the key technology and industrial equipment of automated assembly of aircrafts. The scientists strived under tremendous pressure to break the blockade line of overseas high-technology, and mastered core technologies in the global science field, highlighting the achievement of the dream of Chinese manufacturing, and even the control over the right to speak in some areas.

Particularly, academician Yang mentioned that nowadays, China is suffering from the stress of a “bi-directional transfer” and the risk of “hollowing-out industry” keeps increasing, under which circumstances China can only realize intelligent manufacturing and intelligence to survive. He hoped that students can be dedicated in researching, studying and applying their knowledge in practice. “Technology is the most powerful productive force”―the future of China needs our creation, the intelligent manufacturing of China requires our energy, and the achievement of Chinese bright prospect on the road to revival calls for the efforts of every one. In addition, academician Yang made a demanding of the cultivation of students from CKC Honors College in four aspects: Firstly, we should have hands-on ability; Secondly, we ought to have science understanding; Thirdly, we need to cultivate an international horizon; Last but not least, we should develop the spirit of entrepreneurship.

After the main speech, Academician Yang also interacted with teachers and students on the issues related to the lectures. 


Academician Yang’s spirit deeply impressed the students present. At the end of the report, the applause prolonged for a long time.


The 34th session of the Excellence Lecture has ended, but Academician Yang’s great teachings are still around our ears. We have to keep in mind our college motto- “Aim high and strive for excellence” and shoulder the responsibility, dare to strive forward, be courageous to innovate and go forward firmly.