【The Four College Exchange】2018 “Converging the Great Elites” Honors College Exchange Summit

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Youth Summit of Honors Colleges in Yangtze River Delta derives from Alliance of Honors Colleges in Yangtze River, which was launched by Zhejiang University and had gradually developed into a large-scaled and far-reaching youth summit of communication since its foundation in 2010. From April 14th to April 15th, Youth Summit of Honors Colleges in 2018, which was themed on “Dedicated to Gathering Talents”, was held smoothly in Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

On April 14th, 28 outstanding students from CKCSU, Chinese Communist Youth League committee and Omni-media as well as two counsellors, Jiang Hanting and Lu Jiaying arrived in SJTU at 11 am by the school bus, attending this meeting on behalf of CKC.

After having an orderly meal with the instructions of volunteers from Zhiyuan College, the organizer of this meeting, everyone came to the Electric Institude for special ice-breaking events by bus. Participants from different schools quickly broke the strangeness at the start with laughter, and gradually built up friendship and understanding.

Around 3 p.m., the students and their leading teachers headed for the opening ceremony of the summit at Guangbiao Building by bus. Mr. Zhang Junliang, Executive vice Dean of Zhiyuan College, delivered an opening speech for the summit. He reviewed the history of the four schools and presented an outlook for the activity. Next, the chairmen of the Honors College Student Union of the four schools spoke in turn to summarize and display the work of the past year. The first speech was delivered by Chairman Yi Jiquan of CKC. Finally, the leader of the Institute of Zhiyuan College presented Jiang Hanting, Teachers' representatives of ZJU, and other Honors College Teachers' representatives "Dedication Bears" as the symbol of friendship, in hope that the friendship between the members of the summit will last forever.



At 6 o’clock, the teachers and student representatives of all the honors college came to Chen Ruiqiu building to attend a swap meet. Each agenda was finished under a relaxed atmosphere. After a short break, students’ speeches in the free discussion session brought the whole swap meet to its climax, thoughts about the present and future sparkling with creativity. After the swap meet, all representatives went to Zhiyuan College for a brief but joyful game session to elevate the friendship that had just been struck up.

On 15th April, 9 o’clock, representatives of each college attended the closing ceremony of this summit. On the ceremony, student representatives from each session venue made their speeches in turn, and teachers from the leagues of each university summed up the gains and reflections of the 2-day summit. Zhiyuan College presented the prizes to the students with the most outstanding performance in the summit. After Zhiyuan College and Kuang Yaming College held a handover ceremony for the organizers of the summit, the whole summit came to an end in a sweet melody.


The 2018 “Converging the Great Elites” Honors College Exchange Summit has been successfully concluded. Every representative gained a lot from it. Here, Chu Kochen Honors College in advance wishes the 2019 Honors College Exchange Summit hosted by Nanjing University to be held successfully. Let’s hope that the impact of the annual Yangze River Delta Honors College Exchange Summit will be bigger and bigger, the radiation range will be larger and larger, thus providing a platform where the students from the Honors Colleges can inspire the sparkle of minds and boost the development of friendship, as well as providing significant experience for promoting the mutual development of Yangze River Delta universities.