【Enlightening Lectures】Tracking Down to Every Molecule of the Human Body――Lecture by Professor Tian Mei

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At 19:00 on March 16th, the 19th lecture of the Enlightening Courses of CKC Honors College was successfully held in Room 223 of the Mong Minwei building. The theme of this lecture was Accurate Medical Techniques Mediated by Molecular Image. Professor Tian Mei, who is also Vice President of The Second Affiliated Hospital of ZJU and a Doctoral tutor, brought us a feast of the latest Medical Technic. CKC Honors College’ s deputy secretary Li Wenteng, Vice Dean of ZJU Medical College attended the lecture together with counsellors of CKC Honors College. Li Wenteng, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Chu Kochen Honors College, Professor Xu Xiao, the Vice Dean of ZJU Medical College, and the counsellors of CKC attended the lecture.

Before the lecture kicked off, Professor Xu Xiao made an introduction to congratulation Professor Tian Mei on her success. Also, he thanked her for taking time out of her busy schedule to give the lecture for students who were keen on Medical science. Besides, Professor Xu Xiao expressed his expectation to the students of Experimental Class of Medicine (Ba Denian), hoping them to contact international knowledge sphere earlier.


After the opening speech, Professor Tian Mei was conferred a certificate by Secretary Li Wenteng.


After the introduction of the host, Prof Tian began her report speech formally. Ranging from molecular imaging to the application of clinic PET and overseas research achievements of Prof. Tian in early years, the lecture given by the professor lead us to enjoy the cutting edge scenery of the mixture of molecular imaging medicine, nuclear physics and chemistry. Professor Tian Mei’s speech not only included rigorous academic content, but also interesting anecdotes about experiments, thus setting students applauding frequently.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Tian conveyed her yearn for talents in the field of molecular imaging, drew the blueprint of the medical world, and delivered a warm welcome to all the students stepping into this promising field.


In the questioning session, Professor Tian Mei had an in-depth discussion with the students interested in this field, kindly answering questions the students’ questions and igniting their sparkles.


In the end, Professor Tian Mei took a photo with the guests and the staff.


The lecture came to an end, but the fire of scientific research that Professor Tian Mei had set up in our fellow students' hearts would never go out. We wish that our lecture was beneficial and enlightening, so that our fellow students would forge along and blaze new trails on the path of scientific research.