【Campus tour】 Enjoyment of autumn wanted in campus, Journey of young together with the league―CKC Honors College League ’s tour on campus

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The great beauty surely belongs to October, the schoolyard scenery is all in campus tour. After having an initial taste of busy school life and work, though, the students showed great enthusiasm to find the beauty of our university. We want to sip osmanthus wine wilfully while we are still vigorous. Following the CKC League, who are warm and passionate, students had a magnificent journey on the four campuses.

On 8 o’clock October 21th, 2017, facing the dew and glimmer of dawn, the school bus drove away slowly from ZiJinGang where we stayed day and night, leading us to the unknown amazement…


The first stop   Tranquil Xixi

 We all had heard of the beautiful scenery of Xixi.

Just as its name implies, a river called Xixi winds around the campus from east to west. The whole schoolyard is like a small and delicacy jade, which was stringed by the silky Xixi River.

When you stepped into Xixi, the first thing that greeted your eye was a green lawn. Indistinctly, we heard the bell rang in the distance. On the lawn people who were exercising and painters were drawing together with nature. As we were moving forward, an artificial hill hided the beauty behind it, which reminded us the artificial hill in front of the Grandeur Garden in the book: A Dream in Red Mansions, with all subtle beauty in it. What was more impressive was that when we were enjoying the beauty, a rainbow stood over the hill.All beauty was in silence. In Zhejiang University ,there are YiFu Art Building, also, Xixi Art Gallery, but what appealed to us most was the library with white brick and black tile. Among the quiet and exquisite Xixi, this place stood out because of its majestic atmosphere and elegance. Imagining the thousands of books collected in it, which are all the particular humanistic connotations Xixi possesses, manifesting its admonition” seek truth, educate meritocrat”, which is carved on its plaque.

How could we stop missing Xixi?



The second stop   Elegant Yuquan

Missing the tour, what we missed most was Yuquan.

The Yuquan is opposite Xixi, with only steps away. Upon reaching Yuquan campus, our eyes were quickly captured by the towering statue of Mao, which probably established the rigorous and solemn atmosphere of Yuquan. Yuquan covers a vast area, with lush forests and cream-coloured buildings spreading all around. This campus covers all kinds of engineering subjects, delivering an admirable sense of silence. Furthermore, the landmark building of Yuquan must be Century Light sculpture that contains the expectation of the science of Yuquan. All members experienced the lunch of Yuquan at noon. Sitting around the table, everyone shared the wonderful visit and gain in the morning when complimenting the delicious meal. Some students even still have been missing the black pepper beef by now!

On which day can we visit it again?



The third stop Changeable Hua-jia-chi

Missing the tour, what we missed secondly was Hua-jia-chi.

After a bumpy ride, we arrived at the the distant Holy Land―Hua-jia-chi, where the attractive green belongs to. The breeze touched your face and the willows filled your eyes the moment you get off the bus. The autumn pool before you is Hua-jia-chi. A cool breeze blew gently, without starting a ripple. A large scale of unknown green plants grew near the land, delivering the message of life, which was probably a reflection of the kind heart of the doctors. In the far field fine broken golden sunshine mixed with greenness, making people intoxicated with it. Eyesight strokes every inch of the willow with every step moving forward. Finally, the Hua-jia-chi monument in our dream is standing massively right in front of us , giving people inspiration constantly.

When can we meet again?




The fourth stop Picturesque Zhijiang

Missing the tour, what we missed thirdly is Zhijiang

Only the painting has such view! After the school bus skimming over the Qiantangjiang Bridge and encountering the ancient Pagoda of Six Harmoniesit suddenly embraced the Zhijiang Campus. Everyone must be amazed at first sight. Feet stepping on the green slabstone, eyes focusing on the brick-red tile, sniffing osmanthus fragrance on the left, picking Camphor leaves on the right, red cabins hiding in the cyan forest: everything you saw or heard contained a story. To reach the main architecture towering over the hill, we experienced the steep slope, winding path and the twists at the end, reflecting at the crossroads, glittering like stars in the green tree and red flower. We came across the lover valley where the sky-blue lake resembled heaven; we passed the up-red house and down-red house; we embraced the Guanghua Law School; we…The Zhijiang awoken all the enthusiasm we had for Zhejiang University. Only love and here that we cannot fail to live up to.

How dare we break up again?


In the end, taking the return bus, we fall into the chest of ZiJinGang in the twilight. The four campuses vary from each other. In some sense, ZiJinGang maybe suitable for us all for it belongs to us and provide a platform where we can broaden our horizons and understand the university. Only if we have a clear planning of the future can we head for different campuses and truly meet the hidden selves. Today we seek the distant campuses as unknown places, while tomorrow they will be more like an affiliation when we struggle on the path we chose. Stepping out of ZiJinGang, we found more beauty with our eyes and hearts. As a matter of fact, our eyes do not show a lack of sense of beauty, but a lack of exploration, as it is with life. Our university is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. The mysterious future can have infinite possibilities ,so, are you ready?