【the Shining Run】Inheriting the Spirit of CKC, Shine Will the Fluorescence Forever――recording the shining run on the 20th of October, 2017

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In 2017, an event that you will never forget.

Might be a little immature, but moving indeed.

Both of my body and soul are lingering over the night and the dream.

If you are the fluorescent light, then we are the starry night.


At 19:15 on the 20th of October, 2017, The Shining Run, organized by the Department of Development and Innovation of CKC Student Union, was held as scheduled in the cultural square. The fluorescent spot in the night lit up the sky over the ZJU, and the cultural square, which was bustling in the daytime, turned to a carnival. Along with the fluorescence, three hundred people spent the unforgettable night together.


At 4 o’clock that afternoon, students in the Department of Development and Innovation started the arrangement in the cultural square, the Lover’s Slope and alongside the route gradually. Till 6 o’clock at dusk, setting up the tents, transporting the materials and placing the fluorescence sign, etc, had already been finished step by step.


Half hour before the event, participants queued up to sign in and get the fluorescent head-wear, glass and wristband. The sight of signing-in and flashing equipment was so grand that caught many kids’ eye, which showed the charm of the event.


The Shining Run started officially at 19:15. After the short opening speech, hundreds of people set off from the cultural square, starting the tour of shining run, which was expected long before.


Accompanied by laughter, the crowd jogged to the south along the Mid and South DiChen Road, and then turned to the path surrounding the Biochemical Experiment Center. The light should be dim here, however, when walking inside, people were just like walking in the brilliant starlight because it was decorated with strings of fluorescent wristbands and colored lights here. This dreamlike world even made the star hunting possible.


Coming out from the path, the crowd headed south to the Medical College, and then jogged to the east to the Lover’s Slope. The glow stick was arrange like the shape of a heart on the open lawn. Some students sat on the grass for a break, while others did light painting in spirits, which polished the night.



We were lucky to have some of the Top Ten Singers to sing for us, presenting an auditory carnival for everyone.


In the end, we also organized fluorescent group photos on the Lover’s Slope.


At 20:45, the crowd run back to the cultural square together to take part in the Shining Run Carnival Event. They enjoyed the splendid show prepared by the clubs and some students when participating in the interesting ringtoss. Rid of the puzzling light, target, throw, drinks got.



At 21:30, all kinds of activities such as games and group-photoing over, students left the square gradually. The staff started to clear away the stuff and clean the rubbish. At this point, the Shining Run was over.


The activity was filled with surprises. The scale was unprecedented, more than three hundred people taking part; it carried out the first activity that can count the time of clock-in; it made it possible for the teacher and students to share the joy together, for the counsellor of session 17 Wang Hongyang was invited to take part.


This activity was absolutely not a perfection, but if it brought happiness to everyone, then it was a success. It stopped the busy life and provided us with a break to empty ourselves, to think deeply; it gave an extraordinary experience, a brand new expectation of school life to the freshmen. Maybe, nobody would know how this fluorescence painted the whole story, but the memory, would never fade.


In the end, we should thank for the help of members in all departments of the Student’s Union, thank the security personnel for their traffic direction, thank everyone who took part in the excellent performance, and finally, thank you participants.


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