【League】Solve the puzzles over majors and explore the unsolved mysteries in the labs―Recordings of the fifth ”Discovering Zhejiang University”

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On October 14th, 2016, 20­odd students of Chu kochen Honor College whom were headed by Counsellor Jiaying Lu and the staff of Social Science Department of CKC League, arrived at the beautiful Yuquan Campus. The group stepped into the professional labs that respectively belong to College of Energy Engineering ,Mechanical Engineering and College of Biomedicine and Instrument Science, starting their one-day trip of ”Discovering Zhejiang University”.


At 8:30 amthe group reached Yuquan Campus by bus. They chose College of Energy Engineering as the start. In the lab,several seniors introduced the apparatus and their experiment projects to the group. Later, Teacher Gan Zhihua expounded the development demand of energy industry as well as its future prospects for development. He also showed the model of a high­end device, which helped students further understand this major and get acquainted with the frontier technology in the area of energy.



students in the picture were conscientious through the seniors’s introduce of the apparatus


Shortly afterwards, the group paid a visit to College of Biomedicine and Instrument Science. They were divided into two teams, one of which visited the Biomedicine part, and the other focused on the Instrument Science part. The teaching buildings in this college show perfect senses of modernity and technology, where the group saw all kinds of advanced research projects. The labs were so newfangled that well fascinated the students, who therefore raised questions in rapid succession. In the Maker Space, students gained enjoyable experience of high­tech――they controlled the model cars to race with their mind!


The picture above shows the group’s wonderful experience of controlling a car with their mind in the Maker Space


In the afternoon, the group visited College of Mechanical Engineering. The seniors detailedly introduced the posters about some experiment subjects to the group, after which they led the group to the production workshops and labs where the modern machine――such as aeroplanes ――was assembled. Several national key scientific research projects were also included, which gave the group an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the solid strength of College of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University.



the group photo of all the students and the counsellor 

Such a fulfilling activity it was. We are sure that the participants have gained deeper understanding over the majors they are interested in. In the coming major confirmation, they will able to make a firm choice of their own,and then start a new journey.