【Graduation Party】Laugh to forget the sorrow, sing to go forward--CKC Honors College 2017’s “Song of Parting” graduation party

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You and me had made a promise to watch the “Song of Parting” Graduation Party. On 7 o’clock June 2nd,2017,CKC honors college 2017’s “Song of Parting” graduation party was held in ZiJinGang Theatre. Dean Qiu Limin, Dean Tang Xiaowu, Chen Junfang, Secretary of CKC college attended the party together with all the class tutors and most of other teachers, enjoying the wonderful show with all graduates.


Before the party started there was a red carpet ceremonyin which all graduates walked through the red carpet towards the bridge of graduation, recalling the pieces of college life.

Lingyun chorus made the first appearance of the party, singing two different types of songs, Hometown’s music and Rainbow. Voices went around the theatre accompanied by the piano, touching everyone’s soul. While all the audience were still immersed in the songs, the hosts went on the stage to announce the start of the party.

The first chapter of the party is Experiment Class of life. From See You Across The Ocean to Bye, City Of Sky, two songs explained the meets and send-offs in life, the happiness and sadness of farewell. Silently time flied by, four years’ accompany mixed in the songs, making it extremely touching. The next show was cheer-leading dance Dancing Zijin, the fire and passion showed their youth and vigor, also making a small climax of the party. Apart from singing and dancing, CKCers would not lose in acting. Students from the art department of the Student Union performed a wonderful short act Happy Birthday To You. Its humorous dialogue and exaggerating actions led to lasting laughter. From being immature to mature, from first met to parting, it’s an accumulation of life, as well as an experiment class that we experienced by ourselves.


After the first chapter there was an interaction game--Yes or No. The stimulating questions and fun gestures seemed to be a little hard for graduates who are immersed in college life for four years, but surprise and warmth infiltrate into the whole party.


And then it was followed with the second chapter, A Song That Belongs To Us. The song A Thousand miles was touching, jazz dance Group confession was vigorous, mash-up song Collection was soulful, and Pipa solo Dragon Boat’s tune lingered in the room. Different shows and different feelings, slowly formed our stories of four university years. Then came the most surprising part: ‘little orange’, daughter of Teacher Chen Siyao, went on the stage to announce the next sign language song Never Say Goodbye brought by Mr. Chen,  Monitors and league secretaries of grade 2013 also sang together to memorize their friendship with classmates. We gathered here, but refused to say goodbye. The flying time composed an exciting song, a song that belongs to us.


Chapter three Only Want Happiness And Ordinariness used a line in Song of Parting, which hit the topic. The graduation moment is a turning point and also a move forward. No matter which way we choose, there will always be difficulties. May we cross the crowd and find the answer in our hearts. A cappella version of Road Of Ordinariness explained ordinary principles. Next show was a crosstalk Story of The MIXers brought by Dean Tang, which led us to go out of our country to the world. Song Sweet Child O’ Mine exhibited foreign culture and the charm of rock&roll. The dynamic beats lighted up the whole crowd, bringing the climax of happiness.


At last the party went back to its theme Song of Parting. “You and me had made a promise to sing this song again.” After the ending line of the host, CKC Honors College 2017’s graduation party went to the end successfully in the song. Though the songs faded in the winds, we’re still together. Graduates finally gathered on the stage, took photos with all the teachers of CKC college. All the graduates were chatting and laughing and they all knew their friendship with each other would last forever.


Laugh to forget the sorrow, sing to go forward. The new journey had set its sail in the songs. We are fire when gathered, we are stars when parted. Facing tomorrow positively will make each of us a better person.

                         CKC Honors College Student Union