【The parade on Student’s Festival】CKC parade presents a gift for School Day―― ‘Celebration of the founding of the university’ is on the front page of Beijing Youth Daily of Xinhua News Agency

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From 1897 to 2017, the spirit “seek the truth” has been eternally renewed and today, the path of seeking the truth reappeared on CKC parade. On the afternoon of 21th of May 2017, in order to celebrate Zhejiang University’s 120th anniversary, a parade was prepared by CKC as a gift for the School Day. The next day,Celebration of the founding of the university’ was on the front page of Beijing Youth Daily of Xinhua News Agency.


Picture provided by Xinhua News Agency

On the anniversary of two circles of 60 years of Zhejiang University, by the time of the parade on the 3th Student’s Festival, students from CKC formed a retro parade which walked through the path of 120 years of seeking the truth in Zhejiang University, showing the desire of further innovation inside CKC students, and presented best wishes on the School Day.

The parade was about to set off, and the students were adjusting themselves and making last preparations.



    On the way, led by ‘the former headmaster Chu’, the students walked with their heads up high and were in their fullest spirits.

    In 1897, at the time full of internal and external problems, on the point of the Chinese’s extinction, Qiushi Academy was founded with the spirit of seeking the truth and the determination of salvation.

‘What does a person who has had real university education need to do?’

‘To hold high aspiration, to reach for excellence! To seek the truth despite all the danger and even death!’


   In 2017, walking through the winds and the rain of 120 years, we would all celebrate this day, with the country wealthy and its people strong, and the society prosperous. Zhejiang University will both carry on the spirit of seeking the truth and carry forward the desire of innovation, and will lead generations of students from Zhejiang University to carry their responsibilities and develop a better future.

‘It’s just the time of the two circles of 60 years, seeing the prosperous scene, what should be done to carry forward?’

‘Outstanding talents from CKC! Continue with the past and open up the future! After the winds and the rain of 120 years, let us all celebrate today!’


   On the way, as a part of Chu Kochen Honors College students, the parade powerfully answered the two questions from the old headmaster.

‘Have you ever asked yourselves what you are in Zhejiang University for?’

‘Practise to inspire the people, contribute to our country’s development, study for the rise of China!’

‘Fellow students, what kind of person will you become after graduation?’

‘The kind of person who is the pillar of society, who will make the society prosperous and the people content; who saves and cures people, who is capable to run the country; who seeks the truth, and does not fear the danger that may lie ahead!’

Those powerful answers exhibited the grand ambitions as well as the sense of responsibility of CKC students.


On their way, the crowd along the road greeted the former headmaster Chu warmly and the passionate slogans moved every student from ZJU deeply. Freshmen received flyers with deeds by excellent alumni gladly and saluted the seniors who walked ahead of them. Also, they have planted the seed of hard-working spirit in their heart. The faces of Zhejiang University students change, but the spirit of seeking the truth remains unchanged.

After the parade, the participants of the parade and the counsellors took a group photo to mark the occasion.


‘Headmaster Chu’ and Headmaster Chu took a picture together:


   The front page of Beijing Youth Daily on May 22th:


   Participants’ feelings after the activity:

   I think this parade shows the spirit and the positive collectivism; fully restores the outlook of students of the Republic of China era, and expresses the rich history and humanistic care of our Alma Mater.

   I feel thrilled and gratified for fellow students for being on the front page.

-----Wang, director of the parade

   In this activity we did some basic queue and slogans practice, and overall, the conception was quite easy and the practice wasn’t very hard. The formal performance wasn’t that brilliant, but still showed the spirit of our CKC. I’d like to thank the staff for their hard work.

  ――Liu, a participant of the parade

   Acting as Headmaster Chu this time will certainly be an unforgettable experience for me. Leading the students to shout slogans really brought me a feeling of scholar enthusiasm in the troubled times of the Republic of China era. I think as college students, we sometimes lack a little enthusiasm of those scholars back then. We shouldn’t be numbed by comfortable life, instead, we should participate eagerly into the tide of this time. “Outstanding talents of CKC” should be ‘the pillars of society’.

――Zhu, who plays the role of Headmaster Chu

   The parade of CKC traced the path of history, showed the indomitable spirit of Zhejiang University students, and continued to write new paragraphs of seeking the truth. And we wish you to stay true to your mission from the start even though you had to walk through the winds and the rain.

                                              Chu Kochen Honors College

25th of May,2017