【Current Events and Policies】The 2017 Seminar of Current Events and Policies――“International Security and Situation”by CKC

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On the afternoon of the 7th of April, 2017, this year’s seminar of “Current Events and Policies” held by CKC took place in the multi-media hall of the 7th Academic Building, YuQuan Campus. For this seminar ofInternational Security and Situation”, CKC invited Professor Yu Xiaofeng over, who is a professor of the School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University, and the director of Center for Non-Traditional Security and Peaceful Development Studies. Miss Chen Junfang - the Deputy CKC Party Secretary, Miss Zhanghui � the CKC League Secretary, and CKC counsellors attended the seminar.

At the beginning of the seminar, Prof. Yu pointed out the significance of security: “Security is the air around us, which we can’t live without.” So, were the air being taken away gradually, how would we cope with life? How we made our way in life, is how security culture works, and decides how much human civilization can achieve.” Starting from the philosophy in the Book of Changes and the Game of Go, Prof. Yu talked about today’s international relationship, explained the operating mode of security collaboration between China and US, and stressed the importance of Sino-US cooperation.


Then, Prof. Yu brought up that we were going through a stage where globalization in term of economics, politics and culture was being strongly pushed on, even developing into the opposite direction. In this context, it’s particularly important for China to remain in good relationship with other great powers, and to play an active part in improving the global economical and climatic well-being. Referring to today’s international situation, Professor Yu also explained some of China’s policies like the five ideas of development and the Belt and Road Initiative. 

As the seminar going on, Prof. Yu talked through the concept of non-traditional security. For China, non-traditional security includes economics security, cultural security, social security, science and technology security, information security, eco-security and resource security. Among these different aspects lie some serious problems for China, for example the war of resources, information, culture, trade barrier, environmental pollution, etc. These are all bombs that we have to dispose as efficiently as possible.

According to Prof. Yu, non-traditional security cooperation is now the main focus of China’s diplomatic affairs. And the rationale behind this is pacifism and partnership, which means that China hope to make the world peaceful while holding respect to the uniqueness and characteristics of each individual country and region. This kind of attitude can also shoot light on human’s clashes over dissimilarity.

The seminar coming to an end, Prof. Yu answered the audience’s questions. With humourous words and lively examples, Prof. Yu broadened the audience’s horizon, and planted into the students a deeper perspective on security culture and international situation. Being a member of our country’s new generation, we should put our nation on the heart and brace for the challenging future � this is our responsibility, our mission.