[Four School Communication]Report for Youth Summit of Honors Colleges in Yangtze River Delta- “Talented Youth Chasing Lofty Ideals Together”

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The Youth Summit of Honors Colleges in Yangtze River Delta 2017 , themed as “Talented Youth Chasing Lofty Ideals Together”, was held successfully in Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University on the 18th and the 19th of March.



Group photo of The Youth Summit of Honors Colleges in Yangtze River Delta 2017


Excellent students representatives and teachers from Chu Kochen Honors College of Zhejiang University, Zhiyuan College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Kuang Yaming Honors School of Nanjing University and School of the Gifted Young of University of Science and Technology of China, attended the summit lasting for two days, during which they had presentations about the academic achievements of the four honors colleges, exchanged their experience of organizing student events, shared their views on the responsibilities and missions of the excellent students in new era, and discussed the direction of further development of the summit in depth.

 On May 18th participants from the other three schools arrived at Zijingang Campus successively in the cool weather of Hangzhou. Under the guidance of volunteers, students from four schools had creative and interesting icebreaking activities in the East Teaching Building. Participants from four schools broke the strangeness and established friendship and privity in laughter quickly by playing games such as walking with clipped balloons and passing binder clips with straws. At around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the opening ceremony of this summit was held in Lakeside theatre. Chen Junfang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Chu Kochen Honors College, delivered an opening address for this event, in which she reviewed the history of fuor schools and expressed her expectation for this event.



Deputy secretary Chen Junfang delivering an opening address


Presidents of the Honors Colleges from four schools went on the stage respectively and showed the audiences the history, school concept and characteristic activities vividly and comprehensively by means of video and so on, in order to promote understanding among colleges. 

Teachers from four schools went on the stage to present each other gifts with deep meaning on behalf of their own college, in the meantime teachers from the other three schools sent their most sincere blessing to the 120th anniversary of Zhejiang University, and congratulated the success of this event beforehand.



Group photo of teachers and presidents of Students Union at the opening ceremony 


In the evening, student representatives of four schools came to Zheli Bar Café to attend the exchange party. With the coffee and muffin producing a fragrant scent, the party scene was filled with a relaxed atmosphere. What pushed the party to the climax is the game “Party Killers”. Students talked freely and the air was lively. In the successive themed discussion, the intersection of students’ different ideas brought brand new interpretation to heated problems. The collision of thoughts produce the spark of innovative ideas toward the current situation and the future of student activities. 

On May 19th , the summit participants were divided into three teams. One team went to appreciate the beauty of eyot in mizzle day, one team played games cooperatively in AnZhong building, and the other team sipped tea under the tile eaves by the lakeside. Through these events, students strengthened their teamwork while appreciating classical fragrance.

At 10 o’clock, the closing ceremony started in the annex building of the medical college on time. Volunteers representing the 15 participating groups received their awards. And the representatives from four schools showed everyone the well-prepared antithetical couplets conveying blessing for the 120th anniversary of ZJU.

Zha Yue , president of the SU of Chu KoChen honors college and Shen Jiaqi, president of the SU of Zhiyuan college, attended the transference ceremony held by the summit host. All the students present exchange their words which were full of positive energy simultaneously. The summit came to an end in melodious music. 




This Youth Summit of Honors Colleges in Yangtze River Delta 2017 received great response from its participants. And Chu KoChen college, as the host of this summit, received coincident praise from teachers and students of four schools. We appreciate the active participation of teachers and students. And let us all expect the annual youth summit of honors colleges in Yangtze River Delta to be more and more influential and the area of effect to be larger, and thus become a wonderful platform for the common development of the university in Yangtze River Delta.