The Opening Ceremony of CKC Honors College

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Continuous rain served as a prelude to autumn. However, it was the youth and vigor 400 fresh students’ in CKC honors college brought with them that made the autumn not desolate at all.

On The morning of September 14th, ,the first class for a new semester of CKC honors college named as “the speech of the principal” and 2016 freshmen’s opening ceremony was held at the 225 Congress room, which marks more new students sailing on the wind and waves. president wu zhaohui dean luguodong dean tang xiaowudean qiulimin dean zhongrongrongthe representatives of Alumni of ckc honors Collegevice president Professor of Electrical Engineering and headteachers of 16 freshmen class teachers, counselors, and other teachers etc. attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Vice President Tang Xiaowu.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, freshmen dressed in a white shirt will be stepping into Mong MinWai Building and put the letters they wrote to themselves 4 years later in the future into the mailbox . The letters contain their four years’ college career planning and expectations, which also reminded them not to forget their initial intention at the University and to encourage them to keep moving forward. Then, the students stepped into the opening ceremony room. In front of the the "ckc door", leaders and teachers of ckc honors college shook hands with every new student kindly and also send congratulations to them for being a member of ckc honors college. With great excitement and gratitude, students went through the door of ckc officially, opening their school career in ckc honors college.

students put the letters written to themselves to the mailbox

Vice President Tang Xiaowu said Hangzhou warmly welcome the new students, ckc honors college welcome new students in the recently held opening ceremony of the G20 summit. With the solemn national anthem, the opening ceremony kicked off.

Firstly, vice president Qiu Limin gave a speech,  Dean qiu limin introduced ckc honors college‘s 4 characteristics by telling us "how outstanding the ckc honors college is","how to teach students", "how to recruit students in  ckc honors college"and "how to learn in ckc honors college". At the same timeHe also show the history and recent development of ckc honors college. Besides, dean qiu also stressed the importance of remembering our college mottowhich is "aim high and pursue excellence " . He also told students to learn to be a good man comprehensively, to do things in an downtoearth way, and to do research with full knowledge and great skills. At the same time, he hoped that the students could successfully accomplish the transformation from learning knowledge to learning wisdom and deepen the sense of mission and responsibility. Only in this way can they gain true knowledge and serve our country well.

Then there came professor sheng kuang speaking. Professor Sheng firstly affirmed their efforts and excellence in their high school and congratulated the students on becoming a member of the ckc honors college. Professor Sheng emphasized the difference of middle school and University, and expected the students to change their study goal from pursuing grades only to discovering the world, knowing themselves, and achieving the ultimate realization of the self. Professor Sheng also advised the students to make good use of the excellent resources in this college and to communicate more with fellow students, school teachers, or professional tutors.

Then came the part of awarding certificates to the headteachers. Teacher wang yuefei who won the "xinping scholarship" gave us a speech entitled "glorious years, outstanding growth" as a representative of teachers. Mr. Wang Yuefei shared his experiences and change during his college to encourage students to go beyond themselvesand to achieve comprehensive development in ability and quality. He also expressed deep concern and hope to all the students.

Next, the representative of freshmen Li Renzhong, from Qiushi computer class expressed his expectations and the requirements of himself in the following 4 Years. He hoped to fight with the students to make the university career more fulfilling. Then, the president of the student union zha yue led the freshmen to make a promise. Students raised their right fist, solemnly swear to make the firm commitment to their own future.

President Wu Zhaohui‘s speech titled “learning for the future, learning for the pursuit of excellence,” led the ceremony into its climax. Dean Wu communicated with the students about the history of ckc honors college, the twenty-first Century’s development trend of education, the innovation of the teaching mode and the students’ learning and growth. Continuous innovation is the tradition of ckc honors college. President wu also repeatedly stressed the importance of innovation in his speech. President Wu Zhu pointed out that the ckc honors college should aim at cultivating leading experts and future leaders, and become a base of cultivating elites who want to pursue excellence and innovation.

At the same time, Dean Wu also hope we can deepen the exploration of professional education, inter professional education, ideological and political education and general education, try to keep a balance among the, and deepen The general education in the level of Liberal Arts. Finally, President Wu Zhaohui use the 2 famous questions asked by president ckc to encourage freshmen to have faith, ideals and feelings, and to plan our future with a broader mind and vision.


At 12 o’clock, the opening ceremony ended in the applause of students. “Aim high and pursue the excellence” is the spirit that students in ckc honors college always bear. We believe that freshmen can also bear this motto and in the future, they will create their own glory In their lifelong road.