Original intention and persistence ——stories behind, a theme activity called “taking starry sky as a pillow and emprise as a dream”

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With our original intention, we encourage each other when moving on in our life road. At 2 oclock on the afternoon of the 14th, May, 2016, stories behind, a theme activity held by the CKC students union, took place in Lakeside theatre.
This activity was mainly divided into four parts: guest sharing, guest interview, interactive games and free questioning. We had the honor of having invited Dai Jianfeng, a famous star photographer and Guan Pingchao, a best-selling writer as our guests, whose journeys of turning interest into a profession would be listened to and whose storied behind would be well understood.
At first, Teacher Dai Jianfeng shared with students his experiences of taking pictures of starry sky. In the journey of chasing starry sky, which was loaded with difficulties, wild dogs encountered in the narrow path and hidden ice and rivers were the only commonplace things to be seen. With the temperature of 15 to 20 below zero, my eyes are in heaven, but body in hell. Said Teacher Dai.
During his interview, Teacher Dai showed his endorsement and support of opening photography courses in universities.
Later on, Teacher Guan Pingchao narrated his experience of abandoning science for literature and shared his life thoughts with students. He said, “Only after choosing the field that we are good at can we go further. He preached to students that success requires strong executive force, and it is never too late to take action. Whatever has pasted is just a start.
During his interview, Teacher Guan expressed his expectation that students should make exploration and innovation, and retrieve inspiration from deep accumulation.
Right after the interview came the interactive games, during which students felt the unique complex of chasing dreams by answering questions concerning emprise and starry sky in a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere.
Free questioning part began in this active atmosphere as well, during which two guests erased students confusion on the stage. Teacher Dai Jianfeng confessed his concern about light and air pollution nowadays as to the places for watching stars, which was put forward by a student, while  Teacher Guan Pingchao revealed his expectation for todays refined writing as to Jiu Zhou Mu Yun Lu.
At last, the activity ended up in a burst of students handclap. Thank Teacher Dai Jianfeng and Teacher Guan Pingchao so much for their sincere sharing!