Draw the Dream——the Taking care of leukemia children activity held by Young Volunteer Department

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I am willful

And I hope
That each moment
Could be as beautiful as crayons
And I hope
That I could draw on precious clean paper
With clumsy freedom
With an eye
That may never cry
Gu Cheng wrote this poem that with one pen a person could draw the morning, the smile and his or her hope. Today, five volunteers from Chu Kochen Honors College went to Children’s Hospital, Zhejiang and brought brushes and paper for children there to draw their own desires.
On the 5th floor and 6th floor of Children's hospital, dozens of children suffering from leukemia are there. Most of them are less than ten years old, but have had to endure the pain of torture. Although with the development of medicine, most of them can be cured and discharged within a few years later, they lack of the game and tasty food we used to. They also can't play with their peers, instead of with the corridor of the hospital smells of disinfectant. Out of the window there is nothing but a drab grey wall. Day by day, year after year, they are accustomed to their lives.
Youth volunteer Department has been conducting activities related to the "caring for leukemia children" including chatting, accompanying children and performing short plays. In April this year, new youth volunteer team was set up as the "hospital class service”, also known as "small tooth class" (taking Hangzhou dialect "xiao yaer" refers to the kid). Volunteers will be reduced to four to five people, they will elaborate courses and together with the children study painting, origami, manual, and music.
In order to organize the activities, youth volunteers tried activity for the first time in April. Both children and we were very happy. Parents also came to the hall to learn origami with us to express thanks. This month we have also contacted the New Sunshine Charity, and they helped us in arrangement of the ward—— a classroom with a whiteboard, tables and chairs, which solved the field problem.
Volunteers prepared the teaching of child draws and brief strokes. We also drew lessons from Liangshan Elementary School on teaching methods which were to communicate with children as equals and take the initiative to ask what the children wanted to draw.
There was a child who had spent the most difficult moment: his hands still then were needle injected drugs. He said he wanted to draw delicious food to eat, like cake, ice cream, a lollipop. We knew that it must have been a long time. Volunteers taught him how to contour, how to color, and he also drew a satisfactory work.
There was another child even younger lived on the fifth floor of the ward, still hanging from the brine during the drawing. When volunteers asked what he wanted to draw, he replied that he wanted to draw the sea, draw the ocean ship, the dolphins playing and the waves slapping the lighthouse. Maybe, if there were no leukemia, he could also go to the beach, sit on the boats and directly aim to his yearning lighthouse. Now, he could only conceive in the picture. Volunteers sketched the outlines of the dolphins and let he do his own. Half an hour later, we saw a fantastic work.
After the activity on this two-floor-class, we received more than ten children's drawings. On departure, a child grabbed a volunteer and said he didn't want to go back to the ward. It was volunteers that comforted him. We said goodbye with them and told them that we would always come.
This activity was the first formal “hospital classroom” activity, and later activities would bring more knowledge and happiness to children. Perhaps, not everyone can be lucky, but we hope children can have such a brush:
I would love to blackout all the sorrows
I would like to draw windows
Covering all the grounds
And let those eyes in dark
To habitat light
I would like to draw mountains higher and higher
To draw the desire of this eastern nation
To draw the sea
The boundless delight voices
Today, with the 119th anniversary for our Zhejiang University, we brought pens and paper here together with all these children to draw our dreams and desires.