Great success of CKC badminton team in “ThreeGood” competition

Editor:csy Date:2016-04-29 Hits:1556

The CKC badminton team finished eighth in the annual “ThreeGood” badminton competition of ZJU after battling it out for three days. The competition was held in the gym of Yuquan campus from April 15th to 17th.
The CKC team did well on the first day of the competition, beating teams from College of Animal Sciences, School of Economics and Blue Land Community by the score of 3-2, 4-1 and 4-1 respectively. In the end, the CKC team qualified as the top of the group and entered the final eight.
At the the first round in the next day, we met the team from Danyang and Qingxi Community, the former champion. But our team did not shrink back. Instead, they went all out in the game. Among the first four games, the team from Danyang and Qingxi Community won the women’s singles and mixed doubles while our team were the winner of women’s and men’s doubles. Unfortunately, our team lost the last but the most important game ---men’s singles. Later, our team was beated by team from College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering due to a wrong strategic plan. At the end, CKC team got the seventh prize in team competition.
It is worth mentioning that the female members in CKC team did a remarkably good job in the individual events started from the Saturday evening. Gao Yiyang won the seventh prize of women’s singles and the third place of women’s doubles together with Liang Qishan. Finally, CKC ranked eighth in terms of total score.
Although there is still a long way to reach our goal, we are impressed by the great perseverance as well as decisiveness of all the members of the CKC badminton team. The result is irrelevant while the fighting process is something truly matters. What is more important, however, is not dizzy with success, nor discouraged by failure so that we can be more competitive when facing challenges.