Experience-Based Simulation Training—the Modeled Press Conference of the 8th Leadership Program

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At 2:30pm on the 10th of April, the Modeled Press Conference of the 8th Leadership Program of CKC was held at West 1-107. We were honored to have Chen Xia, the leader of News and Information Center of QSC to guide this activity.
At the beginning of the activity, the host gave out brochures on the topic of “how to be a good spokesman and delivered a brief training lecture to the students. And then students were organized to watch a video in which secretary of PRC, Wang Yi meets the press so that they obtained some basic knowledge of the procedure of news conference, the duty and presentation skills of the spokesman.
Later on, students were divided into four groups and began their four news conferences. During each conference, several students formed a new group to be the spokesmen and the others chose their own roles as different journalists. There were journalists from various presses, including AP., NetEase News, KCNA, even QSC, etc. It was these diverse media and standpoints that both made the activity more intriguing and enhanced students critical thinking.
The four news conferences had four topicsthe director of CAAS responding to the missing flight of Malaysia Airlines, the price of pork having been rising ten months, one Korean diplomat killing two Chinese people by drunk driving in Danton, NPC members going into students dorm. Every spokesman and journalist had read the background introduction so that every question they raised was thoughtful and meaningful. Moreover, though it was the first time for students to be spokesmen, they displayed outstanding ability to improvise and communication skills. As time went by, students fit better into their roles and their performance got better as well. The atmosphere was quite lively and the spokesmens answers to continuous questions were getting wittier. Every one was engaged into the activity and exercised their ability.
After the ending of each news conference, our honored guest, Chen Xia would give a general comment about performances of both spokesmen and journalists and some useful suggestions. Chen Xia praised the perfect resourcefulness and expressing ability of spokesmen and the penetrating questions from journalists, which he said it was exactly the voice that our country needed. Meanwhile, he pointed out that the answers should be more persuasive and practical, and there were smarter ways to reply to those tangential questions. Chen Xias words were very beneficial to all the students.
The activity came to its end and everyone applauded to appreciate the judges. Then judges, students and staff from Organization Department took photos together.
Stand firm, keep control of the policy, be familiar with affairs and be disciplined. The host shared the motto of Institute of Diplomacy to every student. We believe that these brilliant students will finally become excellent spokesmen. In the future, they will guarantee their standpoint with the strength of language and display their unique charisma!