Dream of Journey to the West—2016 “Xi You” orienteering contest

Editor:csy Date:2016-04-18 Hits:1003

With the good weather, “Xi You” orienteering contest was held in ZiJinGang by CKC Student Union on 9th April, set in the background of “Xi You Ji(Journey to the West)”. Students cooperated with their partners to overcome various obstacles on the way to destination and enjoyed a colourful weekend.
The contest started at 2 in the afternoon, and students set off with great passion from Dong Tu (Building East 1). They walked on pressure plates at Gao Lao Zhuang (Nanhua Garden), passed through rope barriers at Pan Si Dong (Alumni Forest) and finished a great variety of tasks with great intelligence and courage at Flaming Mountains (Culture Plaza), Lantian Student Building, West Teaching Building and eventually finished their journey at the top floor.
The memorable experience enriched the weekend lives of students and enhanced their privity and precious friendship. Although the contest has come to an end, the spirits of perseverance will never fade.