In memory of Alan Turing——The Discovery of Zhejiang University, College of Computer Science and Technology

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On March 25, 2016, a mild and beautiful day in Spring, 40 students from Chu Kochen Honer College and engineering experimental classes (Information Science) gathered together in the classroom East 1A-103, communicating with professors from Computer Science and Technology College face to face. Honored guests for this meeting were Professor Chen Wenzhi, the doctoral supervisor and Vice Dean of Computer Science and Technology College, Mr. Peng Lieping, Deputy Secretary of Computer Science and Technology College.
Firstly, Professor Chen warmly welcomed students who chose to study in Computer Science and Technology College, and inquired conditions of present students. When he asked why students chose this college, they responded in succession, telling their indissoluble bounds with the computer science.
Later, Dean Chen sincerely told students the difficulties they might come across in the field of computer. Although graduates from College of Computer Science and Technology have a high employment rate and annual salary, the competition inside college is relatively intense, and the requirement of students is strict as well.
In the following lecture, Dean Chen mainly clarified some misunderstandings of computer science. The College of Computer Science and Technology devotes to cultivating excellent elites in possessing the ability of solving complicated engineering problems, not only specializing in programming, but also obtaining a systematic ability of logics and computer designing. Students of the college need to study a lot in software and are required to obtain high achievements in hardware. Hardware course is now the key reform direction of the college, and is the most headache course for some students.
In the subsequent part, Asking and Answering, students raised many questions to teachers combined with their own thoughts. Two teachers answered questions patiently in a warm atmosphere. Two teachers fully praised students for their outstanding achievements, and encouraged students to choose the major they really enjoy in accordance with hobby and specialty.
Time flied and the meeting drew a satisfactory ending. The College of Computer Science and Technology hoped to attract students who really love computer science to join the big family of the college. In the future, the college will develop the precise and excelsior academic atmosphere and keep it forward, creating the brilliancy together with Qiushi students (students of Zhejiang University).