Hand In Hand, Seek the Excellence---The Forum of Four Colleges

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On Saturday, 26th of March, the forum of four colleges, School of the Gifted Young of University of Science and Technology of China, Chu Kochen Honors College of Zhejiang University, Kuang Yaming Honors School of Nanjing University and Zhiyuan College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University was held as expected. Secretary of School of the Gifted Young Tang Ning, Vice-secretary of Chu Kochen Honors College Zhang Yunxiao, Counselor Jiang Hanting, Secretary of Zhiyuan College Chen Shenyuan and Counselor of Kuang Yaming Honors School Zhu Lili were invited to the forum. Students Union members of four colleges also attended the forum.
The weekend was nicely planned by School of the Gifted Young. In two days, students from the other three colleges all fully experienced the charm of USTC and built firm relationships with each other.  
At 7:00 on the 26th of March, Counselor Zhang Yunxiao and student representatives of Chu Kochen Honors College set off for Hefei. After they arrived at the campus around 12, they were treated by a special lunch. Teachers and students from Zhiyuan College and Kuang Yaming Honors School arrived later. The communication began shortly afterwards. After lunch, the opening ceremony began. The president of the Students Union of School of the Gifted Young gave a brief introduction of the union and talked about a brand new working idea. The talking was followed by the introduction of the presidents of Kuang Yaming Honors School and Zhiyuan College.
Wang Zichen, president of the Students Union of CKC, also gave a speech about the work and the students’ activities of CKC. He mainly focused on MIX Festival, which is one of the most representative activities of CKC. All the audience was amazed by his charm.
The talks were followed by the introduction of each college’s special departments and their interesting activities. The communication gave each other inspirations and encouragement to hold more meaningful activities.
After the ceremony, the students all took part in Orienteering. The game helped the students from different colleges become more familiar with each other. They also got a great view of the beautiful scenery of the campus.
After dinner was the communication about the students’ work. Student leaders from four colleges were divided by their departments and had conversations with each other. In the talk, students gave each other many ideas about how to organize the works.  
On the morning of 27th of March, students from the School of the Gifted Young took the others to the West Campus of USTC, where State Key Laboratory of Fire Science and National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory were located. The academic atmosphere of USTC amazed all the students.
Time for farewell came quickly and students from four colleges were reluctant to say goodbye to each other. The weekend gave them an unforgettable memory.
The communication of four colleges made four colleges a whole big family. Inspirations and wisdom were exchanged and evolved. In the future, the relationship of the four colleges will be consolidated and excellence will remain to be our pursuit.