The intersection of light and electricity---- “ Discovery of Zhejiang University ” 2016, Getting to know about photoelectric science and engineering college

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In the abundant sunshine of spring, on March 18, 2016, more than 30 students from CKC College and Ministry College were on the journey to the photoelectric labs. “ Getting to know about photoelectric science and engineering college ” in the “ Discovery of Zhejiang University ” Series aimed at freshmen. Before they confirm their field of study, they can learn about the charm of photoelectric by visiting the laboratories.

The students were divided into eight groups. Under the guidance of the seniors, they visited the photoelectric laboratories by different routes. To be specific, the laboratories are the Photoelectric Information Engineering Experiment Center, Micro-optics Laboratory, Integrated Optoelectronics Laboratory and Photoelectric Display Technology Laboratory.
Seniors and teachers from each laboratory all carefully introduce their research at the forefront of the photoelectric science and the directions of application. For example, they shows the students how guitar can be made by using the optical sensing principle, how the gradient wind turbines and other multi-disciplinary compound works can be made. Also, they introduced the principle of laser detection of gravitational waves. The department also opened the special optical laboratory for the students to practice, allowing students who visited to put theory to practice, transform imagination to intuitive things and have a certain understanding and experience about every aspect of the basic information in the photoelectric system and research. The seniors focused on introducing the design of the navigation instruments for the blind. Through the analysis of the images from camera acquisition, the navigator can distinguish the traffic lights, obstruction on the road, location of the stairs, etc. The direction of the research now is to convert image information to sound signal, so that it can navigate the blind through the voice prompt. In addition, the seniors showed the students the principle of the panoramic band lens, which means how photoelectric are applied in the expansion of bandwidth, Internet, smart hand ring and intelligent medical technology. In the integrated optoelectronics laboratory, students experienced observing integrated circuit boards by microscopes, from which they felt how subtle photoelectric technology was.
After the visit, excellent teachers from the Photovoltaic Department provided students with professional consultation. Xiao-ping Wang, vice President of Zhejiang University, introduced the general situation of the Photovoltaic Department and shared the excellent researches done by the seniors.
In the subsequent free question-and-answer session, the students combined the visit and the lecture to ask questions and put forward their opinion about photoelectric. After the consultation, the students presented awards for professors, and the atmosphere was active.
Time flied, the visit ended with everyone satisfied. Before leaving, students took a photo together in the front of the institute of photoelectric. The Photoelectric Department hoped that through this activity, they displayed a good image of hard-working and truth-seeking. Also, they wanted to show their own characteristics, so that they can attract more ambitious students to join the photoelectric family. In the future work, the Photoelectric Department will provide better communication platforms, to let more students appreciate the beauty of the photoelectric.