“Far more than burning boiler ”-- “Discovery of Zhejiang University” 2016, the Department of Energy Engineering

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Simply speaking, our major focuses on developing energy, producing energy, using and transforming energy, said Professor Qiu Liming on the meeting, which is far more than burning boiler . All the students present heard that and laughed.
On the afternoon of 20th, March, the No.18 step of Discovery of Zhejiang University went onto the trip to the Department of Energy Engineering. Over 40 students from mixed class and energy environment category met five processors from Department of energy face to face and had a deep talk. The processors simply introduces the field of this major, foreground of the subject as well as some scientific and teaching achievements, while the senior answered the questions from students one-to-one. After the meeting, the League of Chu Kochen Honors College presented certificates to the processors attending the meeting to show great appreciation. Dean of CKC and Professor Wangqing, Professor Zhouhao from Department of Energy Engineering were invited to the meeting.    
After the meeting, accompanied by the senior, the students paid a visit to all the laboratories of the Department of Energy Engineering. In the students innovative practice laboratory, they experienced air hand-washing device--the only work that won the gold award in the 2015 world's major challenge Summit. After an introduction given by the senior who participated in the project, students came up and had first-hand experience.
Looking around the building of the Department of Energy Engineering, the students went to the collaborative innovation center of clean power by coal classification and transformation, listened to an brief introduction given by the person in charge and visited some laboratories, such as  national key laboratory of clean power usage, laboratory of bio electrochemical energy system and united laboratory of oxygen - rich combustion.
Leaving the collaborative innovation center of clean power by coal classification and transformation, the students came to the Yuquan low temperature building, which is the location of laboratories for some majors on refrigeration and low temperature. Students saw the refrigeration equipment which can make 4K low temperature environment and some devices  refrigerating by waste heat.
Finally, they came to the laboratory of department of vehicle engineering and saw the formula car that gained the first prize of light weight in FSC, designed by Qizhen team from Zhejiang University.
The activity, Discovery of Zhejiang University, gave students a chance to touch the Department of Energy Engineering without distance and understand it more deeply. The Department of Energy Engineering is certainly not as simple as burning boiler. People there not only research the burning process of thousands of degrees, they also approach the extreme environment of absolute zero; they not only concern the relationship between traditional energy and environment protection, but also explore the development and utilization of new energy. Under the background of energy reforming, people majoring in energy are working hard to promote the energy reforming.