Walking Into Agricultural Science Labs & Finding the Beauty of Agriculture——First Step of “Discovery of Zhejiang University” 2016, the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology

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To inherit the truth and to pursuit the innovation, on March 13th, 2016, around 30 students from Biological Sciences large category and Chu Kechen Honors College visited the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology with the team “Discovery of Zhejiang University” in its first period this semester. They listened to some professional introductions from three first-level-discipline academic leaders and appreciated the charm of labs and spirit of agriculture in this new era.
The College of Agriculture and Biotechnology in Zhejiang University established in July, 1999. In the past one century, with the spirit passing from generation to generation, the college makes great contribution to cultivate the agricultural talents and promote the agricultural technology progress. In this period, the students visited three first level principle labs to have a close contact with agriculture.
The first station: Plant Protection, Prof. Liu Shusheng
To start with, students visited Institute of Entomology Lab. The leading academic professor Liu Shusheng introduced the fields of researching and the current situation of this major. Plant Protection as a national level key discipline, it has a long history and has been going on now with time honored. In the lab, Prof. Liu mainly introduced how to prevent bemisia tabaci, a kind of insect which can cause the deduction of cotton, by transgenosis. Meanwhile, he emphasized the practical meaning of the control of plant virus disease which was a vital factor nearly accounting for 40% of the reduction in grain yield worldwide. The process of the experiment and the amazing microscopic made students really excited.
The second station: Horticulture, Prof. Yu Jingquan
Horticulture, this antique and elegant subject was showed in front of students with the explanation from Prof. Yu. In Zhejiang University, this subject is one of the strongest in domestic owning the most advanced equipment and researching level. Prof. Yu introduced their main research content tomatoes and disease of the tomatoes which may cause a reduction or even a failure of the output. Nowadays, though the preservation time is longer, the taste of tomatoes is declining. All these questions were needed to be solved which required the truth-seeking spirit and perseverance. This was a great expression of shared values as “learn extensively, inquire thoroughly, ponder prudently, discriminate clearly, and practice devotedly”.
The third station: Crop Science, Prof. Zhang Guoping
Prof. Zhang Guoping, as an academic leader in Crop Science, introduced basic information and future development about agriculture. He pointed out that agriculture today was of greater importance than any other periods and issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area were always the theme of National "NO.1"s documents. That is to say, agriculture is now the economic lifeline of the country. Later on, Prof. Yu led students to take a look at scanning electrochemical microscope which showing the first-class hardware facilities in the lab. The group ran into Prof. Chen Zhonghua, a young schoolfellow who just had come back to Zhejiang University from abroad. By telling his own experience, he showed that agriculture studies have bright prospects. 
At last, students came to meet Prof. Wang Yuefei who had been waiting for a long time. In the tea art room on the seventh floor, he made a small lecture for all the members. After a century’s development, the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology is now at the top. Under the principles as marching towards modernization, embracing the world and future, the college puts the cultivation of students with great ambition, global sight, specialized knowledge and spirit of innovation that will promote the development of agricultural modernization and life science at a most significant position.
Till now, the 16th “Discovery of Zhejiang University” visiting ended in a satisfactory way. During this short visit, all the students got close contact with the profound secret of agriculture and life as well as attracted by its unique beauty. We truly hope that students could grasp the essence of agriculture and do not feel at sea when standing at the crossroads.