An Amazing Night---In memory of the 2015 CKC Honors College freshmen ball

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The 2015 CKC Honors College freshmen ball "Talking with the dean face to face---Read You, Read Me" was held successfully at Zijingang International Hotel on 11th of March.
At that special night, girls in sparkling dresses and boys in gorgeous tuxedos walked down the long red carpet with their partners, left their own signatures and took their photos. The arrival of the dean and teachers added the vigorous atmosphere.
The ball focused on entertainment as well as academy. The fabulous and various performances grasped the eye of everyone present: The displaying of sand pictures, the amazing magic show, the plays that brought classics back to life, the instrumental ensemble of “memory”, the chorus of “can’t take my eyes off you”, the short play that was close to our daily life, the speech that Dean Qiu made, the crosstalk Dean Tang performed that centered around major choosing, the hope Secretary Zhong delivered to our future and the sharing of Zhihan Xiong's insights into the book “outsiders”.
After all these brilliant performances started the traditional part of the ball---the dance. Eight pairs of dancers whose graceful movements attracted everyone’s attention danced to the elegant music. Their dances were so contagious that others gradually joined them, took the hands of their partners and lost themselves in the mesmerizing music.
The temp sped up out of a sudden, and Dean Tang joined all the students in dancing. At that moment there was no distance among teachers and students.
However, happy moments always passed quickly. Time slipped away silently, and the ball finally came to its end. At last, everyone left their memories on the graffiti wall, exchanged books that they brought with themselves and left with loads of beautiful memories.
Just as the dean and teachers said, the ball was held to provide not only a place for eating and talking, but also a platform for us to exchange ideas as well as build bonds with classmates and teachers. It was a precious chance to improve ourselves and gain insights into major choosing and our future planning.