“A common will is strong as the bulwarks”——the outdoor quality developing activity of the 8th leadership cultivating program

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It is in the morning of December 20th in 2015 that the first formal activity after the opening of the 8th leadership cultivating program, the outdoor quality developing activity, was pulled open with a fine drizzle.
In the 8 o’clock, members of the leadership cultivating program, instructor Miss Liu Zeyu, two couches and nine staffs, arrived in the gathering venue. Then they set out to the Dongming Mountain Quality Developing Basement.
After reaching the base, couches divided members into two groups and led them do the warm-up. Wearing camouflage uniform, they began one-day outdoor quality developing activity.
The main program in the morning is CS in reality. Under the instruction of couches,members built their teams and elected the leaders, Wen Zihao and Shi Haizhou. Also they thought of name and slogan of their teams, and two teams were finally named as “beat team 2”and “China team”. Afterwards, couches made the usage of equipment and the rules clear, then led members out to mock filed battle.
Shot, target, keep three points in a line, conceal, ambush, tactical move, encountering battle, seizing-flag battle...Members was immersed in the game. By giving full play to their tact and wisdom, members fought together for the same goal. The process of the battle was exciting and did members a great deal of good.
Right after the pleasant lunch and communication, members began the first activity in the afternoon——decisive battle in the Liusha River.
“Now, what’s in front of you is Liusha River, only the wood on your hands can float on the water. Once the wood leave your body, it will begin to sink. All of you only have ten wood, and all of you are obliged to stand on the wood when crossing the lake. So how can you pass?”
Realizing the instruction, members had a heated discussion and gave rise to different settle ways, meanwhile they did experiments to testify their speculation. In the end by cooperating with each other, two teams finally arrived at the other side of the river.

The second activity was called “60s in haste”, which strictly asked for teamwork ability of members. Referring to the information on the picture, members were asked to judge the number that pictures represent. Only one person can represent the team coming into the field and picking 30 pictures in order and the team which gets more pictures is the winner. In the end,  two teams got as many cards as they can using their strategy.
The quality development gave happiness to every one, emphasizing the essence of teamwork. It is said that “A common will is strong as the bulwarks.” A leader can never come from single struggling, but team power. It ‘s sure that members have felt the power and have paced forward to a real leader.