Once Again Year-end, Wandering with You Together--CKC 2016 New Year Gala

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At 6.30p.m. of Dec. 18th, CKC’s 2016 New Year Gala, “pursuing the future dream” was held in Yongqian theater in Yuquan campus. Qiu Liming, executive vice-president of CKC college, Tang Xiaowu, vice-president, Zhong Rongrong, deputy Secretary of the Party committee came to the scene to watch the show together with students.
The gala began with the melodious song of Aura choirs. The Phantom Of The Opera and Memory had beautiful tune with profound artistic conception. They brought us tranquility deep in heart and all of the audience are fascinated. After these songs, the gala went to its first section-retrospection. The band, Mechanics, came on stage with the song 21 guns. Rhythm full of energy lit up the atmosphere. Then, the skating club showed their skill in their program Dancing Compared with Wheels. Superior skating skills won thunderous applaud and acclaim. The cross talk, Black and White Peppers and the stage show, All Events Finished, led the audience to a humorous world while the adapted song, the flower will blossom in the spring, was much more novel and feasted everybody’s ears.
Then the gala entered the second section see now. The Mix festival reviewing videos filled with drips of memory, the graceful dance, itch, the amazing selection of an item of Beijing Opera, Sanniang teaches her son, the fashion show that brought us to ROC era, In the Mood for Love, and the fantastic instrument performance, Chipmunk Concerto went onto the stage one by one. The whole gala gathered popularity and classical, warmth and heat. It also had various program forms which delivered a wonderful audio visual feast. The gala was pushed to its climax meanwhile.
If we say that the first two parts had looked to the future and recalled the past, then the last part ‘dream of the future’ was the youth feast, the expectation and imaginary for the future. Comic performance, freely tomorrow, received the whole audiences applause. Guitar playing and singing, Nanshan Nan, impressed everybody hearing it. Street dance , sweet gun, showed us their charm. At last, the gala ended with songs sung by Wang Yabo, Chen Zifeng and Zhu Anqi, Zhang Jingsong. 
For the gala contained a call-back for the past, we shouldn’t forget those people valued us to thank to. For looking ahead, we couldn’t never learn from others. The award ceremony of my favorite teacher was arranged at the tail of the first section. Through everybodys voting, Mr. Tang Jianjun won the Best Popularity Prize. Mr. Zhang Zhenyue won the Best God Prize. Mr. Su Dekuang won the Most Affable Prize. Mr. Wu Zhixiang won the Most Cute Facial Expression Prize. Mr. Lu Xingjiang won the Best Punster Prize. Students respectively gave away gifts and flowers to these teachers to express their gratitude and best wishes for them. The end of the second section was award ceremony of college scholarships. Wang Xin, Xi Zhiyan and Lu Wei won the brilliance scholarship. Xu Naijun, Zhang Xiaowen, Li Yanruide and other five students won the innovation scholarship. Lu Yanning, Huang Haohang and Zheng Yuzhu and so on, totally 12 students, won the president scholarship. They are the examples of us and now we greeted them with our greatest frank.
Besides unusually brilliant performance, the lucky draw and wechat interaction were also deep in our mind. Wonderful was the performance on the stage, Continuously audience renewed the screen beneath the stage. If we say that onstage was the stage of actors, the wechat wall was the junction between them and the audience.
This time in the year-end, let us accompany you to walk along. Let us look back and then hope for the future. Let us advance together hand in hand and sail for our dreams. Let us make a good wish for CKC’s tomorrow!