From ZJU to Alibaba--“The Road Leading to Entrepreneurship –Walk into Alibaba”, MIX Festival Activity

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“The Road Leading to Entrepreneurship” Series are held by Department of Development and Communication, Students’ Union of CKC, granting CKCers as well as other ZJUers opportunities to get direct access to companies in college. These activities invite students to visit corporate campuses and learn about enterprise culture so that help them to achieve great goals.
After the spending spree on 11th Nov, though Alibaba published quantities of statistics such as volume of transaction, CKCers were still eager to explore the prosperity of the company by themselves. On 20th Dec, a rainy day, more than 40 CKCers went on a trip to the headquarter of Alibaba at Xixi District after lunch, led by students from Department of Development and Communication.
As is known to all, Alibaba Group was set up in a flat in 1999 by Ma Yun and his 17 partners, and it has grown up as an international Internet company. Alibaba has opened the potential market of e-business, web-payment, B2B online transaction as a pioneer. Furthermore, it has been exploited the market of wireless application, smart phone operating system and Internet TV in the pats few years. Its cloud computing has been booming quite significantly, contributing a lot to the stable and efficient operation during the spending spree this year. As Alibaba prospers, more and more students are being attracted by this kind of activity. After a tough selection, only 50 or less students were admitted.
The weather was not so fine, but students were still extremely passionate about the visit. In the open and wide campus, students saw the statue of Tmall, the graffiti wall, buffet breakfast carts, clothes recycle tanks, different kinds of featured toys and plenty of modern art statues. It is said that the buildings have all been constructed by environmentally-friendly materials so that staff’s health would be guaranteed. Also, its staff enjoys a high level of well being. The Starbucks Coffee Shop’s sales amount ranks No.2 in Hangzhou, only second to the one along the Westlake. Besides, the large gym, billiards room, basketball arena, badminton hall and yoga room are always crowded with staff. There are many clubs of yoga, dance, photography and sports, which hold activities frequently.      
After a brief visit of the campus, all the visitors took a photo besides the landmark of “Alibaba” and then went into 1st building to have a talk with the prime product architect of Alibaba, RDS, He Yunfei.
In order to satisfy visitors’ demand, He asked for students’ concerns first, and then introduced his working experience in Alibaba and the development of cloud computing in China in accordance with the main line of Alibaba’s enterprise culture, “Innovation, persistence, collaboration”. According to He, students learned that the ultimate target of cloud computing is to transform the computing resources into the infrastructure of Internet. Compared with self-bought servicers, providers of cloud services such as Ali Cloud are able to supply users with more instant and flexible computing, storage and other Internet services.  
At the end of the activity, students from Department of Development and Communication presented a golden plate with the sign of ZJU as a gift to He, appreciating his kindness of sparing time to participate in the activity and hoping for further closer interactions with Alibaba.
“I will not expect you to remember all of my words today, but I wish you could feel this trip is deserved!” He ended the activity with the above epilogue. On the way back to ZJU, students were passionately discussing about their gains, and they all expressed that they had obtained a deeper understanding of both the Internet tycoon, Alibaba and their own future.