Though Snowy, Sharing Volunteer Experience In Africa——The Second Shengmang Sharing Meeting

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On December 5th, the Second Shengmang Sharing Meeting “Prairie ablaze-walking in Africa” successfully held in Mengminwei building, room 138. Though the meeting came across the first snow in Hangzhou with the freezing temperature, students still showed up to listen to the volunteer experience in Africa presented by Li Hongbo and Li Yingying.
In Africa, the relationship between human and nature was harmonious. It was not because animals adapted to the human beings or people forgave animals but they got along with equally. This was the most amazing and charming part of Africa. No matter the arrogant lions or the naughty monkeys, everything was part of this continent. However, when it came to the misery, the second biggest slum was just a 20-minute drive from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. People there suffered from diseases, poverty and numb. These were images that Li Hongbo showed about Africa. In his following presentations, he also talked about some profound topics about volunteer work including the steadiness and the actual effect of it, which also inspired students to rethink of the better methods of doing volunteer work.
Though they both did voluntary work, Li Yingying, a student from Chu Kochen Honors College had a different idea. She mentioned that we should be a soft but strong person. By using abundant photos, profound explanations and personal experience, she led students to get better knowledge of Africa. As a university student, she also shared the advantages and disadvantages in doing international volunteer works. She said that not everyone could consist on doing volunteer works and not each program could reach its expectancy. What she said seemed simple but it was precious experience that needed all the organizers and volunteers to think about.
According to the shares from two honored guests, students did come up with some ideas and questions which were answered by the two with great eagerness in Q&A part.
At last, the host announced that December 5th was International Volunteer Day and this year was the 29th. The spirit of doing volunteer work was like prairie ablaze that would enlighten the whole world. The communication with these two guests would truly bring thoughts to us and hope all of us can gain something from the Second Shengmang Sharing Meeting.