Set sail for the navigation to leadership——The opening ceremony of the 8th leadership training program as well as Gold of the Desert King

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25 students have passed the strict interview, hence becoming the members of the 8th leadership training program . On November 12th ,2015, the opening ceremony of the 8th leadership training program , as well as Gold of the Desert King, was held in East 1A-103.
During the opening ceremony, students were divided into five groups , according to the postcards received in the entrance. Students in the same group all got postcards of same style. Students present all looked energetic and expected highly of the following road to leadership training program.
As the ceremony began, head teacher Wang Rui made a speech at first. She shared her experiences of participation in students work during her university, and encouraged students to make excellent performances in future and progress with continuously improved leadership. Succeedingly, two persons in charge of the leadership training program introduced the flow of this program, answered others question and gave a deep illustration of sense of mission, an important trait of a leader.
Here came the ice breaking and establishment of the class committee. Students needed to write down personal information on the postcards received in the entrance. One was required to memorize all the information of others in the same group, and the host would ask questions at random. As was shown, 25 strangers were getting to be familiar with each other and mix into a unity. After getting to know other people, each group chose a group leader by vote. Then Liang Jiawen was chosen to be monitor through election.
Then began the long-awaited game called Gold of the Desert King, which was hosted by Teacher Wang Rui. Gold of the Desert King is an experiential training course worldwide, a professional game course, in which a team needs to explore, analyze and find a solution to problems relevant to cooperation, communication, competition, stress and conflict. Each team, with equivalent fund used to purchase water, food and other necessities, has to obtain gold mines as many as possible when passing through the desert.
At the beginning, each team was required to divide the work and provide team name, slogan and team flag. After all the presentation, Teacher Wang Rui introduced the game rule to students. On the day zero before the game started, each team had 20 minutes to make decisions. During the fierce discussion, they all showed their talent and had deep and detailed conception to come up with a way to success. As the game began, each team modified their policy based on situational change and strengthened communication with other teams. All showed their wisdom and strategy. Finally, unique daydreamer, the 5th group, ranked first. When it came to summarizing experiences of the game, Team leader Jiang Zhentao mentioned the courage to take chances, which enhanced their decision-making ability and adventurous spirits. And another team leader argued for stabilization, a matter of maximizing interests with the guarantee of safety, which demonstrated his quality of taking the lead.
In the end, Teacher Wang Rui summarized students performances in the game and pointed out some problems worth paying attention to. She also gave some advice on how to make use of the fund, how to record and sum up weather condition and how to accept the information offered by the old man. It is believed that students can learn a lot from the fabulous game, thus taking a further step towards the purpose of becoming an excellent leader.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with single step. Students now set sail for the navigation to leadership. This ceremony is just a beginning, because during the following 7 months program for leadership, students all can harvest the experiences and the growth as they want.