Chu Kochen Honors College Held the Annual Students’ Affair Meeting

Editor:luxie Date:2009-03-14 Hits:5034

    The annual students’ affair meeting was held on the evening of March 14th. The meeting’s agenda included summarizing the students’ affair of 2008, making plans for 2009’s task and working out the methods which should be adopted widely.

    Teachers attending the meeting were Ms Zhong Rongrong, Vice Secretary of General Party Branch; Mr. Shen Luming, Secretary of CYL Committee, Ms Zhang Hui, Ms Wu Yuanhong, Mr. Xie Ming and Ms Lian Yanle. The meeting started with a beautiful performance of our school song.

    After that, Ms Zhong Rongrong made a keynote speech titled ‘How to be an excellent student cadre’. She used examples in the real management of our college and well-known theories, pointed out seven problems that an excellent student cadre should carefully deal with. Next, Mr. Shen Luming offered his opinion about what a student cadre should do to start the job and how to plan one’s career.

    Then Ms Zhang Hui and Ms Wu Yuanhong described several practical steps to do ideological work among students, focusing on two projects that would be carried out during this semester. Later on, Mr. Xie Ming elaborated his idea of social practice and quality development of students. After a humorous self-introduction, Ms Lian Yanle, a new teacher in our college, gave a brief explanation about this semester’s news propaganda, She hoped that the voice of CKC Honor College would be heard frequently on the media. Last but not least, several student cadres made speeches about students’ affair.

    Following the meeting, each student organization should develop new ways to work on students’ affair in line with the meeting’s suggestions and the real situation, to serve CKC’s reform and improvement of students’ quality.