Passion, Struggle, Unity-- Freshmen Sports Festival of CKC College MIX Festival

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In the blink of an eye, November comes to an end. With a fall of autumn rain, it’s getting colder. ZiJinGang campus comes into winter from autumn in the run of wet weather.
However, no matter what the season is, both summer and winter, the passion on the sports field never cools down.
The table tennis match which ended on the weekend finished the two-month freshmen sports festival. Let’s review the fantastic moments of it.
11th of October, Badminton competition
Lightness and strength, agility and determination.
Find the balance of both sides of the net.
 16th to 18th of October  Basketball 3v3 competition
Cheers and laughter under the court, high morale on the field.
Friendship and victory, we harvest together.
 18th of October  Boys and girls mixed shooting match
Boys and girls mixed to gain the point together, improves the interests of the match, and also enhances the friendship between students.
 And in the table tennis match, contestants gave full play to their strong point,as well as showed their skill and passion on the square table.
If there is your figure and sweat in or out of the photos, please applaud for yourself. If you miss the splendors because of many reasons, don’t be disappointed, after all----
what matches brings is not only the score of extracurricular activities, but the comparison of feat and the passion of running as well.
With the badminton match started on 10th of October, the Freshmen Sports Festival of CKC college began which last half a month and finished all the schedules till 28th of November. Badminton, basketball, shooting and table tennis, four competition attracted more than 150 people to register. Perspiration, struggle and smile were demonstrated during several-weeks sports festival. Gathering together on the sports field, every participant shows the perseverance, tenacity, boldness and enthusiasm of the CKC College students.
What come to an end are the matches of freshmen festival, rather than the enthusiasm towards sports.
Winter is coming but the stories on the sports ground still carry on......