A Lecture of Zhiwen-Series on Investment and Risk Management under the Financial Storm

Editor:luxie Date:2009-03-08 Hits:4836

    One lecture of the Zhiwen-series was given by Mr. Qiu Liangbi on ‘Investment Management, Emergency Strategy and Task Management’ during the Financial Storm at the International Conference Center on March, 4th, 2009. Mr. Qiu made a brief introduction to his experience and personal viewpoints on investment in which he emphasized breakeven-consciousness and the modern and scientific investment methods including statistics.

    The main part of the lecture subtitled ‘From Expanding to Contracting--From Monetary Tide to Disillusion’, focused on the trend of globalization in the post-financial-tsunami period. In the shadow of the financial crisis of 2008, whenever an investment decision was made, the risk levels must be taken into consideration, he suggested. Analysis of the macro economy, especially in the field of financial products and related tasks should be considered in making a decision of present investment, according to Mr. Qiu, and in addition, a scientific technological process was of vital importance. Mr. Qiu showed strong confidence in investing in China now. He gave several reasons for the optimism about China’s current economical situation, and he estimated that the influence of the financial tsunami would diminish in about five years.

    On behalf of the organizer, Mr Li Zhiwen, made a summary of this lecture and expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Qiu. The lecture ended with warm applause from the students. Mr. Qiu presented a completely new and modern vision to all audience.