I, We, Our Class – The final of CKC individual class competition of Grade 2015

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On the evening of October 30, 2015, the long-awaited final of CKC individual class competition of Grade 2015 was held by the League of Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University at the Lakeside theatre. The purpose was to enhance the class cohesion, and helped freshmen to form their sense of belonging in their own classes as soon as possible. Eight classes which participated all performed well in the preliminary contest. The judges and guests who attended the contest were Secretary of CKC, Zhong Rongrong, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Lv Chengzhen, Zhang Yunxiao, Wang Rui, Councelor, Jiang Hanting and Assistant of Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Hu Chaoliang.
‘Zhejiang University school song’ by Lingyun Chorus started the competition. Students in Quishi physics class were very creative. They performed a drama about travelling through time and saving world. ‘The Mixed 4 Lord’ was never stingy about their talent, such as reading, playing basketball, dancing, playing the accordion, and B – BOX. They relieved their personality and ignited passion. Life can be so beautiful’ was the sigh from a student who became the richest person in the world from the Mixed Class 5. The ‘six’, told the story about a boy who received the admission of Zhejiang University. Qiushi biology Class showed the turning points of biology in the history and led us to feel the charm of biology. Qiushi food Class invited Sherlock Holmes and revealed a surprising secret about food safety.
Each class is unique. Some is serious, some is funny, and some is gentle. The performance of each class was varied. The form included song, dance, rap, calligraphy, cup dance, and drama, which brought the teachers and students an audio and visual feast. Video display of each class was also very creative. It recorded every part of their life at Zhejiang University. The display of class emblem, class T-shirt, class song and class symbol was held in the middle of the wonderful show.
After the match, Zhong Rongrong, Secretary of CKC awarded the hard-working head teachers with cups as souvenirs and hoped that the head teachers and students can be lifetime friends. Teachers praised the wonderful performances of the students and said that ‘Youth is great.’ Also, they placed hope on the future of the students.
Subsequently, Zhong Rongrong, Secretary of CKC made a speech. She raised a question at the very beginning: After this competition, can all the boys call the girls' name? How about the girls? She told the students that class was the home of everyone. And the feelings with classmates will never be forgotten. She also mentioned that although most of us were single–children, we could regard classmates as our brothers and sisters. To view the class as home, the classmates as family, and to think of them no matter where we go, is the ultimate meaning of the competition.
CKC individual class competition not only helped the students to know each other and find the sense of belonging during the preparing process, but also greatly enhanced the cohesion of the classes. Every class showed unique class culture and style, which carried forward the class spirit. We firmly believe that great and mature classes are about to set off one by one!